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1. 英语作文万能模版和句子、

Nowadays, “1”has become a matter of great concern of the general public in our society, especially for those who are confronted with this problem. There are, as is vividly depicted in the picture, 2 . 3 .This is something we should give more thought to. The picture are thought-provoking, and what it illustrate is a common phenomenon in today's society: ④ . ⑤ . Hence, ⑥ , as is shown in the picture given above. Therefore, it is imperative for us to take drastic measur to improve the situations. In the first place, us should to appeal to government to set up a foundation toward those who do much to protect forest resources ⑦. second, those who cut down trees in a forest a random⑧ deserve to be punished by the law. Last but least ,it is necessary to encourage city-residents to plant as many trees as possible in and around the city⑨.We are looking forward to a much better and brighter future. 使用说明: 1 总结图画主题,一般可以用and或or连接两个名词。

注意英语喜欢用名词作标题类的内容。 2 描述图画内容。

3 根据个人描述能力,如果2句中描述已经够了,可以不写。 ④ 点出图画喻意。

⑤ 展开喻意,也是这个模块中,唯一需要完全由自己在考场上写的句子。 ⑥ 再次总结、强调喻意。

⑦ 根据图画内容,改写who引导的从句。 ⑧ 根据图画内容,改写who引导的从句。

⑨ 根据图画内容,改写主语和谓语。 注意作文62616964757a686964616fe78988e69d8331333335313132提示,灵活机动,按规定写作。

具体变化注意: 第一,如果是图表作文,2 句型不变,增加一句“some important change taken place in the past several years”,表示变化趋势。 第二,如果需要举例,在第二段增加一句:“for example, as report in daily newspaper and on TV news,……” 第三,如果需要列举原因,在第二段第二句增加:“There were some possible reasons for……” 本文已经固化的单词数超过140词,当场只需写一个完整的句子、三个半句、五处单词替换,具有中学英语水平足以完成。


2. 高考英语作文有哪些万能句子

英语高考作文万能句子参考如下: 一、开头句型 1.As far as …is concerned 就……而言 2.It goes without saying that… 不言而喻,… 3.It can be said with certainty that… 可以肯定地说…… 4.As the proverb says, 正如谚语所说的, 5.It has to be noticed that… 它必须注意到,… 6.It's generally recognized that… 它普遍认为… 7.It's likely that … 这可能是因为… 8.It's hardly that… 这是很难的…… 9.It's hardly too much to say that… 它几乎没有太多的说… 10.What calls for special attention is that…需要特别注意的是 11.There's no denying the fact that…毫无疑问,无可否认 12.Nothing is more important than the fact that… 没有什么比这更重要的是… 13.what's far more important is that… 更重要的是… 二、衔接句型 1.A case in point is … 一个典型的例子是… 2.As is often the case…由于通常情况下… 3.As stated in the previous paragraph 如前段所述 4.But the problem is not so simple. Therefore 然而问题并非如此简单,所以…… 5.But it's a pity that… 但遗憾的是… 6.For all that…对于这一切…… In spite of the fact that…尽管事实…… 7.Further, we hold opinion that… 此外,我们坚持认为,… 8.However , the difficulty lies in…然而,困难在于… 9.Similarly, we should pay attention to… 同样,()我们要注意… 10.not(that)…but(that)…不是,而是 11.In view of the present station.鉴于目前形势 12.As has been mentioned above…正如上面所提到的… 13.In this respect, we may as well (say) 从这个角度上我们可以说 14.However, we have to look at the other side of the coin, that is… 然而我们还得看到事物的另一方面,即 … 三、结尾句型 1.I will conclude by saying… 最后我要说… 2.Therefore, we have the reason to believe that…因此,我们有理由相信… 3.All things considered,总而言之 It may be safely said that…它可以有把握地说…… 4.Therefore, in my opinion, it's more advisable…因此,在我看来,更可取的是… 5.From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that…通过以上讨论,我们可以得出结论… 6.The data/statistics/figures lead us to the conclusion that…通过数据我们得到的结论是,… 7.It can be concluded from the discussion that…从中我们可以得出这样的结论 8.From my point of view, it would be better if…在我看来……也许更好 四、举例句型 1.Let's take…to illustrate this.2.let's take the above chart as an example to illustrate this.3. Here is one more example. 4.Take … for example. 5.The same is true of…6.This offers a typical instance of…7.We may quote a common example of…8.Just think of… 五。

常用于引言段的句型 1. Some people think that … 有些人认为…To be frank, I can not agree with their opinion for the reasons below. 坦率地说,我不能同意他们的意见,理由如下。 2. For years, … has been seen as …, but things are quite different now.多年来,……一直被视为……,但今天的情况有很大的不同。

3. I believe the title statement is valid because… 我认为这个论点是正确的,因为… 4. I cannot entirely agree with the idea that …我无法完全同意这一观点的… I believe… 5. My argument for this view goes as follows.我对这个问题的看法如下。 6. Along with the development of…, more and more…随着……的发展,越来越多… 7. There is a long-running debate as to whether…有一个长期运行的辩论,是否… 8. It is commonly/generally/widely/ believed /held/accepted/recognized that…它通常是认为… 9. As far as I am concerned, I completely agree with the former/ the latter.就我而言,我完全同意前者/后者。

10. Before giving my opinion, I think it is essential to look at the argument of both sides.在给出我的观点之前,我想有必要看看双方的论据。 六、表示比较和对比的常用句型和表达法 1. A is completely / totally / entirely different from B.2. A and B are different in some/every way / respect / aspect.3. A and B differ in… 4. A differs from B in…5. The difference between A and B is/lies in/exists in…6. Compared with/In contrast to/Unlike A, B…7. A…, on the other hand,/in contrast,/while/whereas B…8. While it is generally believed that A …, I believe B…9. Despite their similarities, A and B are also different.10. Both A and B … However, A…; on the other hand, B…11. The most striking difference is that A…, while B… 七 、演绎法常用的句型 1. There are several reasons for…, but in general, they come down to three major ones.有几个原因……,但一般,他们可以归结为三个主要的。

2. There are many factors that may account for…, but the following are the most typical ones.有许多因素可能占…,但以下是最典型的。 3. Many ways can contribute to solving this problem, but the following ones may be most effective.有很多方法可以解决这个问题,但下面的可能是最有效的。

4. Generally, the 。

3. 英语作文万能句子精选

问好Nice to meet you!Hello!How are you?Nice to meet you, too!Hello!I am fine, thanks.问姓名What is yourhisher name?Myhisher name is Jenny.问颜色What colour is it?What is your favourite colour?It is red.My favourite colour is blue问地方Where is my book?There it is!问数量How many pens do you have?Four.问感觉How do you feel?I am happy!问事物What is this?It is a book.问事情What is the matter?What are they doing?I cut my knee.They are playing.问年龄How old are you?I am ten years old.要东西May I have two books, please?Sure!小学英语写作重点句型短语一、短语1、that little girl那个小女孩2、(be) so short如此矮3、(be)so cute如此可爱4、(be)very naughty非常淘气5、a little chick 一只小鸡6、two big red hens两只大红母鸡二、句型1、Who are they,Lingling?They are my grandparents.玲玲。

他们是谁?他们是我的祖父母。【Who是对人进行提问,也就是对第二句的中的my grandparents的提问。】

再如:Who is that little boy?It`s Tom.那个小男孩是谁?是汤姆。练习:那个小女孩是谁?是我。

2、They are my grandparents.They were young,then.他们是我的祖父母。他们那时是年轻的。

【这两个句子的结构是“e69da5e887aa62616964757a686964616f31333366303731主语(代词、名词)+be(amisarewaswere)+表语(名词、形容词等)”表语是说明主语身份、特征的。】再如:They are old.他们是年老的。

练习:她那时是胖的,她现在是瘦的。3、I was two,then.我那时两岁了。

【主语+be+年龄】练习:我那时三岁了,我现在11岁了。4、But your hair was so short.但是(那时)你的头发是如此的短。

【在形容词前可以加上“so、very等副词”】再如:You were so cute.你如此可爱。练习:她那时也非常淘气。

5、She was fat.Now she`s thin.她(那时)胖,她现在瘦了。【第一个句子是说明过去的事,be用过去式(was、were);第二个句子是说明现在的事,用一般现在时be(am、is、are)】练习:他(那时)矮,他现在高。

他们(那时)年轻,现在他们上年纪了(年老了)。6、They weren`t old then .They were young.那时他们不上年纪,他们年轻。




7、Was it fat ?No,it wasn`t.It was thin.它胖吗?不,它不胖。它是瘦的。





4. 写四级英语作文的万能句子,框架,多用词组,多用名人名言

Recently the 。

has been brought into focus by public近期。(某一个问题)已经被大众开始关注In this essay, I aim to explore this complicated phenomenon from diverse perspectives,在这一篇论文中,我目标于探究这个复杂现象的不同方面identify the relevant contributing factors and bring up some effective measures.识别相关的导致这个问题的因素并且提出一些有效的方法开头万能公式:1. 开头万能公式一:名人名言有人问了,“我没有记住名言,怎么办?尤其是英语名言?”,很好办:编!原理:我们看到的东西很多都是创造出来的,包括我们欣赏的文章也是,所以尽管编,但是一定要听起来很有道理呦!而且没准将来我们就是名人呢!对吧?经典句型:a proberb says, “ you are only young once.” (适用于已记住的名言)it goes without saying that we cannot be young forever. (适用于自编名言)更多经典句型:as everyone knows, no one can deny that…2. 开头万能公式二:数字统计原理:要想更有说服力,就应该用实际的数字来说明。

原则上在议论文当中十不应该出现虚假数字的,可是在考试的时候哪管那三七二十一,但编无妨,只要我有东西写就万事大吉了。所以不妨试用下面的句型:according to a recent survey, about 78.9% of the college students wanted to further their study after their graduation.看起来这个数字文邹邹的,其实都是编造出来的,下面随便几个题目我们都可以这样编造:honesty根据最近的一项统计调查显示,大学生向老师请假的理由当中78%都是假的。

travel by bike根据最近的一项统计调查显示,85%的人在近距离旅行的时候首选的交通工具是自行车。youth根据最近的一项统计调查显示,在某个大学,学生的课余时间的70%都是在休闲娱乐。

five-day work week better than six-day work?根据最近的一项统计调查显示,98%的人同意每周五天工作日。更多句型:a recent statistics shows that …阅卷老师在语言方面主要从两个方面进行评判: 1、基本正确 四、六级考生的最大问题不是写得太简单,而是严重错误太多。


最常犯的语法错误包括:时态、冠词、主谓一致、名词单复数等。 2、丰富多变 基础较好的同学,要想取得四、六级写作高分,应做到丰富多变。


例如:think可以替换为reckon, assume, argue等词。如果想不到同、近义词,可以使用上义词进行替换。

此外,句型也应富于变化,不要拘泥于主谓宾句型,可以使用主系表、过去分词和现在分词短语作状语、不定式短语作状语、状语从句等多种句型。 四级作文如果量化成句数,只需写10句左右;六级只需12句左右。




二、高 分 真 经 (一)背诵 背诵是提高英语综合能力的法宝,可分为以下5个层次:(1)精彩词汇,(2)精彩句型,(3)精彩句子,(4)万能框架,(5)经典范文。注意句子和句型不一样,精彩句子应作为单词来记忆。

背诵前,确保自己已充分理解所有内容。 语言学习有两个关键词——输入(INPUT)和输出(OUTPUT)。







考生应大量积累经典英文句型、表达和范文,平时勤于背诵。 有的同学问我,说自己背过很多英文文章,但上了考场还是大脑一片空白,什么都想不起来。



5. 求一些英语作文 万能通用句子


1.as an old saying goes,。.正如一句古老的谚语所说

2。.be nothing but。 。.不过就是。

3.from where i stand。. 从我的立场来说

4.give oneself a chance to。..给某人一个机会去。

5.i feel sure that。我坚信。

6。.is the best way to make sure that。.确保。的最好办法是。

7.we must do our absolute best to。.我们必须竭尽全力做。

8.there is no denying the fect that。无可否认。.

9.nothing is more+adj.+than to+v.没有比。更重要的了

10.主语+cannot emphasize the importance of。.too much 再怎么强调..的重要性也不为过

11。.pose a great threat to。 。对..造成了一大威胁(eg.Pollution poses a great threat to our existance.)

12.stole the spotlight from。从。获得大众的瞩目

13。.touch sb. on the raw 。.触到某人的痛处

14.it is not uncommon that。 这是常有的事儿。

15it is almost impossible to do.. 。。。是很困难的

16the recent research has shown that..最近研究表明。

17。has/have no alternative but to。除。外别无选择

18。.between the devil and the deep blue sea 进退维谷,左右为难

19.content in the thought that。满足于。的想法

20(重磅出击,一般老师都会感动,这个句子可以千变万化,可以替换其中的一些词)The long,(costly strike) proved to be the last nail in the coffin for (the company),with( its history of financial problems).长时期的罢工损失巨大,再加上一直以来的财政问题,使得该公祠一蹶不振。 注:(。)都是可替换的


1.分层次。Firstly, Secondly。..Finally


3.if i were 。i would have done 虚拟语气的运用


5.the more。the more结构

6.should=ought to

7.in terms of mine以我来看

8.May you success!祝你成功。

9.My mother always tell me :Everything is possible if you put your heart into thing.

10.Faith will more mountains!

11.There is a will,there is a way.


6. 英语作文万能句子精选

问好 Nice to meet you!Hello!How are you?Nice to meet you, too!Hello!I am fine, thanks.问姓名 What is yourhisher name?Myhisher name is Jenny.问颜色 What colour is it?What is your favourite colour?It is red.My favourite colour is blue 问地方 Where is my book?There it is!问数量 How many pens do you have?Four.问感觉 How do you feel?I am happy!问事物 What is this?It is a book.问事情 What is the matter?What are they doing?I cut my knee.They are playing.问年龄 How old are you?I am ten years old.要东西 May I have two books, please?Sure!小学英语写作重点句型短语 一、短语1、that little girl那个小女孩2、(be) so short如此矮3、(be)so cute如此可爱4、(be)very naughty非常淘气5、a little chick 一只小鸡6、two big red hens两只大红母鸡 二、句型1、Who are they,Lingling?They are my grandparents.玲玲。

他们是谁?他们是我的祖父母。【Who是对人进行提问,也就是对第二句的中的my grandparents的提问。】

再如:Who is that little boy?It`s Tom.那个小男孩是谁?是汤姆。练习:那个小女孩是谁?是我。

2、They are my grandparents.They were young,then.他们是我的祖父母。他们那时是年轻的。

【这两个句子的结构是“e69da5e887aa62616964757a686964616f31333366303731主语(代词、名词)+be(amisarewaswere)+表语(名词、形容词等)”表语是说明主语身份、特征的。】 再如:They are old.他们是年老的。

练习:她那时是胖的,她现在是瘦的。3、I was two,then.我那时两岁了。

【主语+be+年龄】 练习:我那时三岁了,我现在11岁了。4、But your hair was so short.但是(那时)你的头发是如此的短。

【在形容词前可以加上“so、very等副词”】 再如:You were so cute.你如此可爱。练习:她那时也非常淘气。

5、She was fat.Now she`s thin.她(那时)胖,她现在瘦了。【第一个句子是说明过去的事,be用过去式(was、were);第二个句子是说明现在的事,用一般现在时be(am、is、are)】 练习:他(那时)矮,他现在高。

他们(那时)年轻,现在他们上年纪了(年老了)。6、They weren`t old then .They were young.那时他们不上年纪,他们年轻。

【这两个句子是同义句,划线部分是一对反义词,第一个句子用否定句,第二个句子用肯定句。】 练习:她那时不高,她是(很)矮。



7、Was it fat ?No,it wasn`t.It was thin.它胖吗?不,它不胖。它是瘦的。


用“yes、no回答后,再用一个反义词的肯定句回答。”】 练习:他们年轻吗?不,不是的。



7. 谁有英语作文的万能句子 多点

英语作文万能句子 一、熟记以下句型want to do sth help sb with sth Help sb do sth ask sb to do sthforget to do sth take sb to sp stop doing sth get/Tell sb to do sthsee sb do sth see sb doing sth hear sb doing sth be angry with sbteach sb to do fill A with B decide to do sth like doing sthhope/wish to do sth remember/forget to do sth begin/start to do sthThere is/are sb doing sth it is kind/dangerous of/for sb to do sthso+adj/adv…that+句子 it takes sb some time to do sthNot…until… it is happy/glad/sad…to do sthHow+adj+主语+bel What+a/an+adj+名词(单)! Too+形容词/副词+to do sth二、掌握以下词组be good at be late for be worried about be interested in be busy dong sthbe afraid of on one's way to+地点 have a good time have a resthave sth done look after look over look like look the same look atlook+形容词 get ready for Get on/off get up get down get toturn on/off/up/down learn from sb do well in take away take sb to sptake sth with sb take one's temperature take off give up doing pick upput up put down put on put sth+介词+地点 go away go on doing go intogo out of go back to go home go along make friends make one's bed三、熟练掌握以下搭配Listen to the music talk to sb read books write a diary walk to school smile to sbrun on the playground take jumping exercise See a film watch TV ask sb for help tell stories sit at table lie on the bed Sleep in bed play basketball/football Sing a song laugh at sb have breakfast/lunch/supper Clean my bedroom swim in the river lay on the ground teach me English throw about litter Wear a red coat fall off/down on go shopping/fishing/swimming/boating do some cooking/washing/shpping ride a bike to sp 混淆点:lie(躺)-lay-lain-lying lay(放置/下蛋)-laid-laid-layingfeel(感觉)-felt-felt-feeling fall(跌倒)-fell-fallen-fallingdie(死)-died-died-dying-dead(形)-death(名)四、句子中只能出现以下谓语结构1、行为动词(表示动作和状态的词)原形 单三 过去式2、系动词+表语(形容词为主)feel/taste/smell/look/sound+形be+形/名/介短/数get/turn/become+形(名)keep+形3、情态动词+行为动词原形can/may/must/need(not)+v4、助动词+行为动词be+vingdo not/does not/did not/+vhave/has/had+过去分词be+过去分词(被动语态)will/would/be going to+v原五、真正理解五种简单名结构1、主语+不及物动词2、主语+及物动词+宾语3、主语+系动词+表语4、主语+及物动词+间接宾语(人)+直接宾语(物)5、主语+及物动词+宾语+宾语的补足语说明:及物和不及物动词就是句子的谓语,不外乎以上四种谓语结构六、添加剂现在把主要连接词,分类列下,供大家参考。

常见的有 when before after as soon as表示“反意见”:But,however 然而,如:③Jim is intelligent but lazy.表示“举例示范”:For example, in other words,换句话说常用的名言和谚语Better early than late.宁早勿迟It is never too late to learn.学习永远不嫌晚。Where there is a will, there is a way.有志者事竟成。

Health is better than wealth.健康胜于财富。Parents are the first teachers of the children.父母是孩子的第一任老师。

Time waits for no man.时不待人。Knowledge is power.知识就是力量。

开头句子: As we know, we students are very tired because of study.Just as the saying goes: “Every coin has its two sides”,television has both advantages and disadvantages.正像谚语所说:“任何硬币都有两面”,电视即有优点也有缺点。The problem of ..is important/serious/..to us. Now let me talk something about it.结尾句子:In a word,I think I will have a good time in …I believe everything will be better in the fulture.I am sure the world must be better if we all give our love to others./if we all make a contribution to it.Let us do it hard/try our best to do it.高考英语作文结尾万能公式 1. 结尾万能公式一:如此结论 说完了,毕竟要归纳一番,相信各位都有这样的经历,领导长篇大论,到最后终于冒出个“总而言之”之类的话,我们马上停止开小差,等待领导说结束语。

也就是说,开头很好,也必然要有一个精彩的结尾,让读者眼前一亮,这样,你就可以拿高分了!比如下面的例子:obviously(此为过渡短语), we can draw the conclusion that good manners arise from politeness and respect for others. 如果读者很难“显而见之”,但说无妨,就当读者的眼光太浅罢了! 更多过渡短语: to sum up, in conclusion, in brief, on account of this, thus 更多句型: thus, it can be concluded that…, therefore, we can find that… 2. 结尾万能公式二:如此建议 如果说“如此结论”是结尾最没用的废话,那么“如此建议”应该是最有价值的废话了,因为这里虽然也是废话,但是却用了一个很经典的虚拟语气的句型。拽! obviously, it is high time that we took some measures to solve the problem. 这里的虚拟语气用得很经典,因为考官本来经常考这个句型,。

8. 英语作文万能句子

1、In view of such serious situation, environmental tools of transportation like ____ are more important than any time before.


2、From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that advantages of ____ far outweigh its disadvantages and it will still play essential roles in modern society.


3、This issue has caused wide public concern.


4、A large number of people tend to live under the illusion that . Obviously,they seem to fail to take into account the basic fact that


5、By taking a major-related part-job, students can not only improve their academic studies, but gain much experience, experience they will never be able to get from the textbooks.


9. 英语作文万能句子,跪求实用,简单无所谓

一、英语书信的常见写作模板 开头部分: How nice to hear from you again. Let me tell you something about the activity. I'm glad to have received your letter of Apr. 9th. I'm pleased to hear that you're coming to China for a visit. I'm writing to thank you for your help during my stay in America. 结尾部分: With best wishes. I'm looking forward to your reply. I'd appreciate it if you could reply earlier. 二、口头通知常见写作模板 呼语及开场白部分: Ladies and gentlemen, May I have your attention, please? I have an announcement to make. 正文部分: All the teachers and students are required to attend it. Please take your notebooks and make notes. Please listen carefully and we'll have a discussion in groups. Please come on time and don't be late. 结束语部分: Please come and join in it. Everybody is welcome to attend it. I hope you'll have a nice time here. That's all. Thank you. 三、议论文模板 1.正反观点式议论文模板 导入: 第1段:Recently we've had a discussion about whether we should。

(导入话题) Our opinions are divided on this topic.(观点有分歧) 正文: 第2段:Most of the students are in favour of it.(正方观点) Here are the reasons. First。 Second。

Finally。(列出2~3个赞成的理由) 第3段:However, the others are strongly against it. (反方观点) Their reasons are as follows. In the first place。

What's more。 In addition。

(列出2~3个反对的理由) 结论: 第4段:Personally speaking, the advantages overweigh the disadvantages, for it will do us more harm than good, so I support it.(个人观点) オ 2.“A或者B”类议论文模板: 导入: 第1段: Some people hold the opinion that A is superior to B in many ways. Others, however, argue that B is much better. Personally, I would prefer A because I think A has more advantages. 正文: 第2段:There are many reasons why I prefer A. The main reason is that 。 Another reason is that。

(赞同A的原因) 第3段: Of course, B also has advantages to some extent。 (列出1~2个B的优势) 结论: 第4段: But if all these factors are considered, A is much better than B. From what has been discussed above, we may finally draw the conclusion that 。

(得出结论) 3.观点论述类议论文模板: 导入: 第1段:提出一种现象或某个决定作为议论的话题 As a student, I am strongly in favour of the decision. (亮明自己的观点是赞成还是反对) The reasons for this may be listed as follows. (过渡句,承上启下) 正文: 第2段:First of all。 Secondly。

Besides。(列出2~3个赞成或反对的理由) 结论: 第3段:In conclusion, I believe that。

(照应第1段,构成"总—分—总"结构) 4."How to"类议论文模板: 导入: 第1段:提出一种现象或某种困难作为议论的话题 正文: 第2段: Many ways can help to solve this serious problem, but the following may be most effective. First of all。 Another way to solve the problem is 。

Finally。(列出2~3个解决此类问题的办法) 结论: 第3段:These are not the best but the only two/ three measures we can take. But it should be noted that we should take action to。

(强调解决此类问题的根本方法) 四、图表作文写作模板 The chart gives us an overall picture of the 图表主题. The first thing we notice is that 图表最大特点 . This means that as (进一步说明). We can see from the statistics given that 图表细节一 . After 动词-ing 细节一中的第一个变化, the动词-ed+幅度+时间(紧跟着的变化) . The figures also tell us that图表细节二 . In the column, we can see that accounts for (进一步描述). Judging from these figures, we can draw the conclusion that (结论). The reason for this, as far as I am concerned is that (给出原因). / It is high time that we (发出倡议). 五、图画类写作模板:1.开头 Look at this picture./The picture shows that。/From this picture, we can see。

/As is shown in the picture。/As is seen in the picture。

2.衔接句 As we all know, 。/As is known to all,。

/It is well known that。/In my opinion,。

/As far as I am concerned,。/This sight reminds me of something in my daily life. 3.结尾句 In conclusion。

/In brief。/On the whole。

/In short。/In a word。

/Generally speaking。/As has been stated。