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1. 英语作文我的优缺点

It's important to know our goodness and badness because it can help us to improve ourselves better. Therefore, we should know ourselves as much as we can. I think I have three main merits. They are filial piety, honest and hardworking. Filial piety and honesty are the two basic qualities that people should have. And working hard can help to get knowledge and improve myself. However, no one is perfect. I have some week points, too. For example, I never make plans for my life and study. As a result, sometimes I am a little laziness because I don't have tasks that must be finished. I hope I can change and be better.。

2. 【英语作文】上网学习英语 的 利弊

compareing who study in internet with who study in classroom,which one,do you think ,is more convenient and more truth。what is more ,if you study in the internet,you have to communicate with another,and you need more resource。studying in classroom ,however,you need just book and exercise book ,therefore,studying in classroom is more convenient and more truth。







3. 英语作文(5个句子表达)

My name is Li Hua, presently a student in a university . I wish to sound my view over the employment attitude of graduate student in recent years .

The graduate students only wish to work in the city instead of country side.

In the city, chances of employment is slim compare to those of country side where there are lots of vacancy to be taken up .

There are lots of opportunity in the country side where one can make full use of their knowledge to contribute to the society.

I believe that working in the country side , the future will be very bright and the prospect will be good too .

4. 急求英语作文万能句子





.has both advantages and disadvantages.……既有利又有弊。例如:1.Obviously television has both advantages and disadvantages.2.Living in a city has both advantages and disadvantages.3.Com pared with cars,bikes have their advantages and disadvantages.举一反三:1.Although computers bring people a lot of convenience,they have many disadvantages.2。

.has many advantages.For example,。However,just as every coin has two sides,。

has its disadvantages.(本例将利弊分开讲,转折过渡自然。just as every coin has two sides也很值得背诵。)

II。.play(s)an important role /part in。

……在……中扮演重要角色/起重要作用。例如:1.Computers play an important role in science and technology.2.Computers play a more and more important role in our life. Computers play an increasingly important role in our studies.3.Education plays an important part in developing our mind.4.Addiction to alcohol and drugs play a role in homelessness.举一反三:1.Advertisement plays an informative role in our daily life.2.In the past,letters played a decisive role in long-distance communication.But now ,telephone,email,fax have taken their place.III.With the development of。

随着……的发展,例如:1.With the developm ent of our econo- m y,m any Chinese fam ilies can afford a car.2.With the development of our economy and society,pollution is more and more serious.3.With the rapid development of science and technology,people can get a college degree by taking online-courses at home.4.With the current social and technological developments,employees with more knowledge and higher academic degrees are needed.举一反三:1.With the rapid increase of China's population,housing problem is becoming more and more serious. 随着中国人口的急剧增加,住房问题越来越突出。2.With more and more women entering society,people's attitude towards women is changing. 随着越来越多的妇女走入社会,人们对妇女的态度也在改变。

3.With the deepening of Chinese reform and opening up,an increasing number of Chinesefamilies can afford a car.随着中国改革开放的深入,越来越多的中国家庭买得起车了。(“越来越多”除了常用的more and more外,还可以用an increasing number of, a growing number of,a significant number of,a great number of等来表达。)



IV.When it comes to。,some people think /believe that。

,others argue /claim that opposite /reverse is true.There is probably some truth in both arguments /statements,but。当说到……,有些人认为……,但另一些人则持相反的观点……。

这两种观点可能都有点道理,但……。本结构先用when it comes to 。

引出话题,再用some。others 。

这个对立的结构引出了两种相反的观点,然后说There is some truth in both。表明严谨公正的态度,最后用but。

很自然地引出了自己的论点。请看下面这个例子:TV,a good thing or bad thingWhen it comes to TV,some people believe that it is extremely valuable,as it provides relaxation, entertainment and education. Others argue that it is harmful for it begins to control our lives and deprives people of time to do other activities.There is probably some truth in both sides.But we must realize that television itself is neither good or bad.It is the uses to which it is put that determines its value to society.二、结尾句型英语议论文多以简要总结全文或对所讨论的问题提出解决办法来结尾。

总结全文时除常用到in one /a word,generally speaking等外,没有固定模式。提出解决办法时却常使用下一句型。

V。.take measures to do sth.例如:1.We should take measures to control pollution in order to save the world.2.We'd better take effective measures to prevent students from cheating on exams.3.The government decided to take strong measures against drug abuse.4.Urgent measures should be taken to prevent terrorists 。

5. 【T谁会写关于介绍手机利弊的英语作文

Cellphone can be used in many ways for students,for example,calling,keeping or developing relationships with others,even playing game on it! Most people know its advantages and disadvantages form their bosoms,for sometimes they didn't want to face it. Teachers should point the way to usefulness in taking cellphone in school!。

6. 写好英语作文和正确句子我的英语作文写得不好,总写错句子

想写好作文,必须具备扎实的基本功,作文的基本功主要体现在词、句、段三个方面. 单词方面,积累单词,扩大词汇量,弄清词的确切用法及相似词的用法区别,以及很多固定短语、习语的用法,要准确地表达想要表达的意思. 句子方面,注意一些常用的句式,平时看到比较好用的句式要记下来,多模仿,还要在写文章时注意长短句的结合. 段落方面,注意整篇文章的整体布局,要从整体上把握每段的中心思想,避免偏题、走题. 提高写作水平不是一朝一夕所能完成的,最重要的是养成好的学习习惯,平时注意多积累,勤动笔、多思考,潜移默化中你的写作水平便会不断提高. (另有一帖) 要想用英语把文章写好,首先需要打下牢固的语言基础,即相当程度的语言造诣、良好的语言修养和敏锐的语言感知能力.写作者必须懂得写作的具体步骤,了解写作的性质,掌握写作的技巧.更为重要的是,中国学生还必须解决用英语思维的问题.不懂得英美人思维方式的人,无论语言功底有多深,是写不出地道的英语文章的. 英语语言的功底指对这门语言中各种语言知识的掌握和运用能力,其中包括用词的准确和精炼、修辞手段的自如运用、时态的准确运用以及语法和句法结构的熟练掌握等.写作中常出现的问题是用词欠准确,这主要是由于对词意和词在不同的语境中所产生的不同语意把握不好所致,而词汇量的贫乏也无疑是造成用词欠妥的一个重要因素. 当掌握了一定词汇量而不懂得修辞知识的人仍不可能把文章写好. 除了语言功底,写作者还必须清楚写作的具体任务、写作的特殊性以及写作所需要的各种技巧.写作是一种综合的智力活动,其作品是以思想为基础,以语言为工具而创造出来的艺术品.写作不仅需要丰富的想象力,还需要严谨的语言逻辑和独特的思想.否则,文章决不可能成为语言的佳作. 中国人用英语写作还面临一个思维方式的转变问题.不熟悉英语语言思维方式的人,无论有何等"高超"的写作技巧,都不可能创造出优美地道的英文作品.尤其是有很多学生在用英语写文章之前总习惯先用中文列出提纲,然后按照列出的中文提纲从事英语的写作.以这种方式写出的文章是可想而知的. 总之,思维方式的转变、对写作性质的深入了解、树立英语写作的正确意识是创造成功的英文作品的前提.这些问题将在以后的篇章中做进一步的讨论.。

7. 英语句子,写网络利与弊,各五句,有中文翻译,求了



Recently our class discussed the advantages and disadvantages of surfing the Internet. Here are our conclusions.

Of course, surfing the Internet clearly has som订鼎斥刮俪钙筹水船惊e advantages. There is no doubt that the Internet makes communication easier and helps us keep up with the latest information. It is also a great use of spare time: online shopping, online movies and even online chats with friends.

Like anything else, the Internet is not perfect. Being addicted to it can waste a lot of time, especially for us students; not only can our studies be harmed by our spending too much time online, but we often hear news of students who met dangerous people online or who even got cheated.

In my opinion, when surfing the Internet, we should be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages, so that we can maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages.






8. 用英语描写电脑优点(5个句子)和缺点(5个句子),一共10句话哦.


1.A large mount of information you wanna can be found on the Internet by the computor.

2.The computor can store the information you need to store.

3.The computors nowdays are used in almost every espects in our life.

4.The rapid speed of computors make us work more efficiently.

5.The computors offered our a colorful, comfortable, convenient new life since it has been invented.


1.It is bounded by many mortal factors like electricity.

2.It develops so quickly that many families can't afford it and following the current.

3.It can easily destoried for low-computor-knowledge people to keep it normal.

4.It is said that many youths were effected to neglect their work and study.

5.Actully, the high radiation can make the users unhealthy.

9. 【用5个句子表达全部内容,英语作文.内容如下.(20年后人类的生活会

after 20 years, what human life will be like ? many of us are very curious about it . in twenty years later, in fact, drinking water is purified water but water from wells. and people's clothes are not only cold-proof but also resists acid rain, sand storm as well as radiation.what is more, transportation vehicle is also of variety and environment-friendly. in a word, the life at that time is very happy. 愿对君有所帮助, goooooooooooooooooooood luck to you。

10. 2017考研英语12条万能利弊理由





首先,万能模板句式空洞。背过模板的同学都会发现,模板之所以能够应用到不同题材的作文中,是因为模板中的句子往往没有针对性,而是很泛泛的句子。比如:Obviously, the author tries to attract our attention to…;One who has the character of… seems to be more successful in the future等,这些句子只需要填上作文的主旨中心词即可成立,也基本挑不出错误,但这些句子的要害是各个不疼不痒,无法直击作文主旨。