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1. 以家长的变化为题写一片英语作文

(Respecting Parents Programme)

Showing respect to parents is one of the Chinese traditional moral values.As most of the students today are “the only child” in their family, they often regard themselves as the“centre”of the family, without caring much about their parents. Our school started a programme when the new year came.It is “Respecting parents programme”. Ten“Do's”have been worked out for the students to follow clearly and easily, including:

“Remember your parents' birthdays and express your best wishes to them; say”hello“to your parents when you see them returning home; and tell your parents where you go when you leave home.” The programme has been successful, and has won praises from parents and other sides of the society. People say this is what we should have done earlier!

2. 家庭的变化 英语作文

Changes of Chinese families In the past, Chinese families were always poor, and a lot of children added to the poverty. They didn't have enough to eat, and they often suffered hunger. And what was worse, they couldn't get treated in time when they got ill. Now , after almost 30 years of China's Reform and Opening up Policy, our families are now no longer poor. We have enough money, enough food, enough clothing, and good health care. And we don't feel crowded or noisy in our homes because most families have only one or two children. Our life is improving and getting better and better.

3. 用现在完成时的家长变化英语作文

ow, I am a middle school student in grade nine. It's also the last year of middle school. Therefore, I must work harder this year because I want to get good scores in the senior school entrance exam. From this semester, I get up earlier than before because I want to do some more readings. After lunch, I also spend some time in study. I usually review the knowledge I learn in the morning. After dinner, I have class in school until 21:30. It's for students to autonomous learning. Our teachers would come to the classroom, if we have any questions we could ask them. After school, I do not study at home. I think a good rest is important for me, so I go to bed early at night. Besides, due to the exam, I spend much less time in entertainment. I don't think it's bad for me, because a good senior school is my priority now. I must pay my most attention to it.。

4. 关于家乡的变化英语作文

Great Changes in My Hometown

I used to live in a small town with trees all around. There was no tall building and the only street was narrow. Just outside the town, there was a river. You can see different kinds of fish swimming in the clear water. People here lived a simple life.

Great changes have taken place here. You can see tall buildings, big department stores and factories everywhere. Different kinds of cars and buses are running in the big streets. But with the development of the industry, we have fewer trees. Air and water pollution is becoming more and more serious. We must do something to stop pollution and make our town even more beautiful.

5. 我妈妈的变化,英语作文

My mother is 35 years old. But I still can see how beautiful she is when she is young. She is not too tall but very thin. Her eyes are black. Her hair is blackand there is several white hair.


She takes me to school every day. In the evening she help me with my homework. If I'm hungry she will cook my favourite meals. She's always trying to encourage me to try something new. I think my mother is the best person in this world. She is always be there for me when I need her. I love her so much. She is my hero.


6. 描写家乡变化的英语作文

Great change in my hometown

As time goes by,my hometown has had the great change.

Instead of winding road, the street is bright and spacious.The trees along the street is more and more beautiful.The cars which are running on the street has become more and more advanced.Whether to eat or wear make people feel fresh and new.In my hometown,not only the building has become tall,but also the air become fresh.I see everyone's face seems to be showing a satisfied smile.

This is my hometown.I love my dear hometown.

7. 英语初三作文《家长的变化》100词

The Change of My Home

My hometown-Bozhou, located in the northwest of Anhui province, is a small city, although it has a history of more than 3000 years. Bozhou is well known as the chinese herbal medicine maket which is one of the four largest market in China. It is said eight tenth of people there are related to the chinese herbal medicine. Since the State Council announced that Bozhou became a prefecture-level city, the city has made a plan of the development. During the past years, the area of the city increased 32 km2 from 10 km2, and the number of the population now was 100,000 replaced by 280,000. In 2009, a new development zone was builded which was as lager as the old town. What most impresses me is the new square of the Weiwu square. With the construction of the square, citizens have a place to get together to enjoy ideal life. They are doing five-animal exercises, playing Pingpong, dancing and chatting. It is a real good place to have a good time. When I went back to my hometown from Shihezi this summer, it has surprised me. The roads got clean and wide, trees and flowers were planted along with them and the sky became as blue as that in Shihezi. Then I learned that the government had spent 200 million yuan in afforesting environment and controlling pollution.. Bozhou, my hometown, is also famous as a tourist city and for its delicious snack. So you are welcome to my hometown


8. 关于家乡变化的英语作文

My hometown is located on the side of the river and near small hills.There are many beautiful buildings and wide tidy streets.Sweet flowers and green trees are everywhere. It is a wonderful and rich place. It`s just a small town before 1978.Streets are narrow and dirty, what`s worse,there`re almost no industry.People had to struggle for life. Nevertheless,great changes have taken place.Many farmers left for the town and worked as workers to make money,which lead to the population doubled.To make things better,there are new schools,hospitals,factories and shops.In addition,streets were widen and a park was built along the river. People can see boats come and go in the park. I love my hometown,and I love people there.。

9. 英语作文我家乡的变化 带翻译

1 There has been a lot of significant changes in my hometown in recent years. On the one hand, industry gave its way to tourism. There used to be many factories that produce coal in the mountains nearby my hometown. But over years, local government has made an effort in controlling the environment pollution. As a result, the leading economy has become tourism instead of industry. Downtown areas saw the change of many citizens taking new jobs as tour guides or running souvenir stores. On the other hand, there are more schools and universities in my hometown compared to the situation several years ago. Nowadays more and more people have the chance to attend schools or to further their studies in high-level educational institutions. In general, my hometown has developed to a great extent in these years. 我的家乡近几年来经历了很多重大变化。





2 我家在周至县,近几年发生了很大的变化。就拿我家来说吧。






画完了直接一打印,又清晰又美观。 有了电脑。



电脑给我家带来了许多方便。 今年夏天,我们家还添了电冰箱。



冰箱给我家带来了方便。 去年,我们家还买了空调。




互联网也给我们带来了方便。 啊!我们家乡变化真大呀! My home in Zhouzhi County, in recent years has undergone a drastic change. Take my family for instance. Previously, we do not have a computer at home. Dad was the engineer. Before Dad hands painting drawing, painting with the rulers, not used correctly attached. Black will be careful not to rub the drawing, painting slowly, and had to keep cutting pencil. The lines do not paint beautiful. Spend one or two days drawings drawings. Also drawings, and printing of plans to eventually create engineering drawings. A total needs three days. Now, I bought a home computer. He can use a computer drawing, no trace; Just one little click of the mouse to point, Instead of doing everything we can. A picture works better if some time. An unfinished print of a direct, clear and beautiful. With computer. I have an article on a computer to help their mother. I also used folders, saved a cartoon, diaries, essays and other. I also use it as literature. I also use it to learn English, the software installed, use it to fight game : : Mama system testing, fighting words. I brought a lot of convenience to the home computer. This summer, Tim, we also have a refrigerator. Before, during the summer, often a bad thing, a bad throw on the more unfortunate. Now refrigerators can be frozen foods, no bad foods freezer. I can give it to produce ice. I makeup back, I let my thirst ice on a frozen. DIABLO convenience of a refrigerator to me. Last year, we also have to buy an air conditioner. Previously, in the winter without air conditioning, get up clothes, I always behind the blanket. Now, with air-conditioning, and the cold would not dressed up. No air-conditioning in the summer, heat can help people attain the doldrums, not activities. Now, with air conditioning in the summer, no matter what time, as long as a use of air conditioners, and water 。

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