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1. 英语作文写信中的经典句子

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.Please give my best wishes to your parents.Please give my best regards to your family.how are you? How have you been? Looking forward to your early reply. Wish you recover soon! God bless you Warmest regards thank you have a nice day good luck后补充:(5)用于书信写作的常用句型 ①Thank you for your letter of … ②It is a pleasure for me invite you on behalf of … to accept … ③Thanks so much for your letter , which arrived … ④I am writing to you with reference to … ⑤I am writing to you in connection with … ⑥I would be grateful if you could / would … ⑦I would like to know some information on … ⑧It will be appreciated if you can / could … ⑨I would also like to know if you can / could … ⑩I look forward to hearing from you . (6)用于结尾的常用句型 ①From what has been discussed / mentioned above , we may conclude that … ②Therefore , it is not difficult to draw / come to the conclusion that … ③It is high time that something was done about … ④From all the reasons / consideration above , it is evident / clear / obvious that … ⑤Taking into account all these factors , we may reach the conclusion that … ⑥Given the reasons / consideration I have just outlined / discussed / presented , I strongly recommend that … ⑦It is clear , therefore , that … ⑧All in all ,what really matters is , in fact , to … ⑨It is essential that effective measure be taken to … ⑩From what has been discussed above , we may reasonably arrive at the conclusion that … ⑾ In conclusion ,the most important is … ⑿ On the whole , it is high time that every one … ⒀ As a result , we should take some effective steps to … ⒁ Judging by the figures / statistics , it is not difficult to see that … ⒂ Only in this way / in so doing , can be really …。

2. 英语写信作文,文中常用到的一些短语,句子

improve oneself in …在某方面提高自己 1. 学校生活及学习成绩 get 90 marks for (English) be obsorbed in …,bury oneself in … 对……入迷 (英语)考试取得 90 分 get an “A”in the exam 在考试中得到“A” have a good command of …精通…… knowledge 学习知识 lay a good foundation in (language study) 在(语言学习)方面奠定一个好的基础 2. 师生关系 give sb. a passing grade 给予某人及格的分数 examine the students' homework 检查学生的作业 stand on the platform 站在讲台上 get on well with sb. 与某人相处得很好 raise a question 提问 like to be with students 喜欢与学生相处 be gentle with us 对 我 们 很 友 善 be kind to sb. 对 某 人 和 蔼 be a strict teacher 是一个严厉的老师 be strict with one's pupils 对学生要求严格 be strict in work 对工作要求严格 think of (sb. / sth.)as…把(某人或某事)当作…… help sb. with sth. 用……帮助某人 praise sb. for sth . 由于某事赞扬某人 blame sb. for sth . 为(某事)责备某人 give sb. advice on sth. 在……方面给某人建议 question sb. on … 就……质问某人 be satisfied with … 对……满意 give an excellent performance before the whole class 在 全 班 面 前好好表现一番 acquire (obtain) put one's heart into … 一心扑在…上 be interested in … 对……感兴趣 be fond of … 喜欢/爱好…… like chemistry best 最喜欢化学 be good at … 擅长…… be poor at …不擅长…… do well in (在考试、竞赛中)取得好成绩;干得不错 be weak in … 不擅长……fail in … 考试不及格 make progress in … 在……方面取得进步 be tired of … 对……感到厌烦/厌倦 pass the examination 通过考试 major in history 主修历史 be getting on well with one's study (某人)学业进展得很好 take several courses at school 在学校上几门课 have English(Chinese ,Physics…)every(other)day 每天(隔一天)上英语(中文、物理)课…… work hard at (Physics , Chemistry)… 努力学习(物理、化学)… He has the best record in school. 他的学习成绩最棒。

live up to one's hope 不辜负某人的期望 learn about …学习到/知道(某学科知识)/听到,听说/ 获悉/了解到 succeed in …在(某方面)成功;在(做某事)上获得成功 be active in class (work) 在课堂上(工作中)表现积极 take an active part in …积极参加…… learn sth . by heart 谙记某事,牢记在心 work out a (maths)problem 解决一个(数学)问题 correct the students' homework carefully and prepare for the nex t day 仔细批改学生的作业并为明天备课 give sb. a lot of work 给某人很多的工作 try to teach sb. to develop good study habits 努力教某人养成良好的学习习惯 make one's lessons lively and interesting 使课堂生动并且吸引人 teach sb. sth. 教某人某事 teach sb to do sth . 教某人做某事 devote all one's time to work 将自己所有的时间都投入工作之中 admire his devotion to the cause of education 的献身精神 3. 课外活动及周末生活 have a swim 游泳 have a party 聚会,开晚会 have dances on weekends 参加周末舞会 have a picnic over the weekend go to the cinema 去看电影 hold a sports meeting 举行运动会 spend one's time in many different ways 以多种不同的方式消磨时间 enjoy doing things by oneself 喜欢独自做某事 go swimming 去游泳 go for an outing 去远足 have an outing at (the seashore)去(海边)度假 see the sights of Beijing 在北京观光 play the piano (violin)弹钢琴(拉小提琴) play chess (basketball)下棋(打篮球) do some reading 阅读 help sb. do sth . 帮助某人做某事 enjoy a family trip 享受一次家庭旅游 get everything ready for 为……做好一切准备 rid one's bike with sb. to the park 与某人骑车去公园 There are a lot of activities at the beach. 海滨有很多活动。 We enjoy a change from our busy life in the city. 我们享受一种都市繁忙生活之外的变化。

She would like to bring sth . to the picnic. 她愿意为野餐带点东西。 It was a very relaxing Sunday.这是一个很轻松的星期日。

There are good programmes on TV on weekends. 周末有好的电视节目。 4. 彼此沟通信息 周末去野餐 ( sb. for ) tell sb to do sth. 告诉某人做某事 get information about …了解…… express one's idea(feelings)in English 用英语表达自己的思想(情感) write sb a letter saying … 给某人写信说…… apologize to sb. for … 为……向某人道歉 thank you for … 感谢你…… make a speech at t he meeting 在会议上发表讲演 take a message for sb. 给某人带口信 send a message to sb. 给某人送口信 hear from sb. 从(某人处)听说,收到某人的信 talk about / of sth . 谈论某事 explain sth . to sb. 向某人解释某事 look upon sb as … 把某人认为…… think sb. to be … 认为某人…… take sb's side 站在某人一边;支持某人 5. 事件中人的态度 feel bored (embarrassed , nervous , carafree) 觉得很枯燥(尴尬,紧张,无忧无虑) would like to do 愿意做某事 be unforgettable 是难以忘怀的 show sb one。

3. 英语作文书信模式的万能句子


Dear XXX,

I am glad to receive your letter.很高兴收到你的来信。/ You asked me about( problem question 等),now let me give you some advice.你在来信中询问我。.,现在,让我给你一些建议。/ It has been a long time since we met.我们很久没见面了


I am looking forward to receiving your letter.我期待着你的来信。/Thank you in advance.提前谢谢你。/Please wirte to me as soon as possible.请尽快回信./Good luck |Best wishes.祝你好运

Yours sincerely XXX

4. 英语写信 常用的一些套话(万能句子)麻烦英语好的人教教 谢谢了


1 I was glad to hear you good news.很高兴听到您的消息。

2 Forgive me for not writing sooner.原谅我没有很快回信。

3 It was very kind of you to reply so quickly.你能很快回信太好了。

4 I am sorry to hear that you have not been well.听说您身体不好我很难过。


1 I shall be looking forward to hearing from you soon.盼望很快收到您的回信。

2 I am very sorry for any inconvenience I have caused you.对由于我所引起的不便深表抱歉。

3 Thank you again for your kindness and considerarion.在此感谢您的体谅。

4 We would greatly appreciate your cooperation.感谢您的合作。

5 Please kindly remember me to your sister.向你妹妹致意。

6 Please give my regards to your parents.代我向你父母问好。

5. 高考英语书信作文万能开头结尾,典型句子


1.How is it going? 最近怎么样?

2.I am glad to receive your letter.很高兴收到你的来信。

3.You asked me about(+problem question 等),now let me give you some advice.你在来信中询问我。.,现在,让我给你一些建议。

4.It has been a long time since we met.我们很久没见面了


1.I am looking forward to receiving your letter.我期待着你的来信。

2.Thank you in advance.提前谢谢你。

3.Please wirte to me as soon as possible.请尽快回信

4.Good luck |Best wishes.祝你好运


6. 英语写信句子

英语写信常用词句:开头用语I'm sorry I've been so slow in answering your letter。


I must apologize for my delay in answering your letter。由于耽误了给你回信,我向你道歉。

Please excuse this very short note.请见谅我的短笺It was good to hear from you and I shall be very pleased to let you have the information you need.很高兴收到你的来信,我非常乐意把这个有用的消息带给你。

结尾用语 I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 期待你的回信。 please give my best wishes to your parents. 替我向你的父母问好。

please give my best regards to your family. 替我向你的家人问好。 How have you been? 你最近好吗? Looking forward to your early reply. 望您尽快回信。

God bless you. 上帝会祝福你的。 It is a pleasure for me invite you on blhalf of 。

to accept 我非常乐意接受你的邀请。

I am wrtting to you in connection with 。 我给你写信。

7. 求英语作文书信万能句子


I'm writing to complain about a purchase that I made at your store three days ago. 2.我写此信是要表达我对三天前从贵店购买的家具的糟糕质量的强烈不满。 I'm writing to express my dissatisfaction with the horrible quality of the furniture that I bought from your store last week. 3.我写信告知你我需要马上搬到另外一个房间去。

I'm writing to inform you that I need to move into another room as soon as possible. 4.我要对我一周前从贵处购买的一台照相机提出投诉。 I wish to make a complaint about a camera which I bought at your place a week ago. 5.我写信投诉最近我通过你们旅行社所做的一次到澳大利亚的旅游。

I'm writing to complain about my recent trip to Australia through your travel agency. 6.我写信是投诉我们在贵宾馆住宿期间你们饭店的饭菜和服务质量的。 I'm writing to complain about the poor food quality and service that we received at your hotel 7.作为一名新的留学生,刚来到校园才三天时间,我真的很不情愿对任何事情做任何抱怨,然而,请相信我:我不得不这么做。

As a new international student who has only been here on campus for 3 days, I'm most reluctant to complain about anything, but, please trust me: I have to do so. 8.我写此信是想对您邀请我、给我如此殊荣让我参加你们的会议表示我的感谢。 I'm writing to express my appreciation for the invitation you sent me, granting me the honor of attending your conference. 9.我写此信的目的是向您解释一下我上次缺席了您的课的原因。

I'm writing to explain to you the reason why I was absent from your lecture last time. 10.你来信询问我对你应该是选择去澳大利亚还是加拿大留学的建议,在此,我想给你一些建议。 You wrote to ask for my advice concerning whether you should choose to go to Australia or Canada for your study and now I would like to give you some suggestions. 11.我写信前来确认我此前丢失的一张信用卡。

I am writing to confirm the loss of my credit card. 12.谢谢你9月18日的来信。 Thank you for your letter dated Sep. 18. 13.我写信的目的是想打听一下我遗忘在贵宾馆房间里的一个包的事宜。

I'm writing to inquire about a bag that I left behind in a room at your hotel. 14.我写信是想问一下有关在贵校的住宿、收费以及申请贵校所需具备的具体条件的。 I'm writing to inquire about information in relevance with accommodation, fee charges and specific qualifications required of candidates to your university. 15.我写信是想告诉您我本月不能按时支付周日就该支付的下月房租。

I'm writing to tell you that I am unable to pay next month's rent which is due on Sunday. 16.自我回到中国后一直非常想念你。 I have often thought of you since I came back to China. 17.我写信的目的是向您推荐Robert Jiang先生超凡的个性与超强的学习能力的。

I'm writing to recommend to you the outstanding personality and the super ability for learning of Mr. Robert Jiang. 18.在您的信中,您讲到我的帐户上透支了240美元,因此你们将收取我70美金的费用。 In your letter, you state that my account is $240 overdrawn and that you will charge me $70. 19.不管怎么说,我写信的目的是因为我将邀请一些朋友来吃晚饭,所以想知道你是否也愿意前来? Anyway, I'm writing because I'm inviting some friends over for dinner and I thought you might also like to join us. 20.我考虑移民加拿大已经有一段时间了,很想了解一下我的资历以及工作经验是否达到了申请的条件。

I have been considering immigrating to Canada for quiet some time and would like to know if my qualifications and work experience make me eligible to apply 21.我希望你一切安好,在澳大利亚的生活也都顺心如意。 I hope everything is going well and you are enjoying your life there in Australia. 22.我写信是想向你询问一些信息,因为我打算明年来澳大利亚学习。

I'm writing to ask you for some information as I'm planning to come and study in Australia next year. 23.我想打听一下对学生是否有门票上的折扣。 I would like to inquire if there is any discount available on entrance tickets for students. 24.为了最充分地利用好我的时间,我很想能够使用贵图书馆的设施,我写信的目的就是想征得您的许可。

To make the most of my time there, I would very much like to use the facilities at your library and I am writing to ask for your kind permission to do so. 25.我写信的目的是对自己突然的不辞而别而向你表示歉意,但不管怎么说,我想让你知道我真的珍惜我们的友谊,而且为了弥补我对你考虑欠周到的作法,我想邀请你假期前来与我的家人相聚。 I'm writing to say sorry to you for my abrupt leaving without giving you any notice, but anyway, I want to let you know that I really value our good 。