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With the development of modern technology, smartphones are popular with almost everyone around the world due to their excellent functions. Almost everyone has a smartphone – when I am taking the bus or waiting in line, I always see people with their smart phones. Yet, It seems that people use their phones mainly to kill time rather than to communicate. Even worse, research studies have found that people take out their phones every 6.5minutes on average and this phenomenon is aptly named 'smartphone addiction'.

Why is the draw to smartphones so powerful? Personally, I think that smartphone addiction is mainly due to our habits. Nowadays, people can know everything through the Internet without going out.We enjoy the convenience smartphones offer us, but gradually we find that we can't live without phones anymore. In addition, with our fast-paced modern life, we would rather find the most convenient way ever. However we more often eat alone and walk alone so we haveto use these add hours to have fun through digital devices. Moreover, various apps in smartphones satisfied the convenience of living and provide means of entertainment.

When people spend too much time on the phones, they gradually lose the ability to communicate with their friends or parents and this will weakens their interpersonal skills. As for teenagers, addiction to smartphones can not only cause one to neglect one's study, but also cause psychological barriers between themselves and the outside world due to lack of good self-control.

2. 【地道地英文表达这是我自己写的句子觉得好像怪怪的

LZ几年级,写的哪种类型的作文?不同的状况可能在一些细节上需要不同的改动.问这种问题的时候,如果能说一下文章背景,或者想表到的中文意思,总体来说,这句这么写有些累赘,有凑字数的感觉.如果不用特别正式的话就简短点,只要说I would like to analyze the causes of this [complicated?] problem and provide potential solutions.就足够了.-In the following essay这段如果你是演讲什么的要用也可以,但如果这句在essay内,最好避免这种写法.-Complicated这个词把句子单独拿出来感觉没有必要,但要连接上下文的话我不清楚,LZ自己看需不需要.-From different aspects意思上没有错,但analyze本来就应该全面思考,再加这句修饰的话就有点啰嗦了.-词的改动来说,possible没有错,但个人感觉potential听起来感觉会更好.-最后,我个人比较喜欢用“the reasons behind this problem”来取代“the causes of this problem”而显得稍微正式一点,但这样读者的理解可能有细微的变动,而我又不确定LZ写的到底是关于什么,就没有改这里.。

3. 帮忙修改一篇英语作文,要表达准确地道

In the past, when a person said “32313133353236313431303231363533e78988e69d8331333264626565I am poor”, he meant that he had financial problems. But at present, the word “poor” also expresses the meaning of spiritual poverty. The lack of knowledge causes spiritual poverty, which has become an apparent problem in today's society, and the lack of input of foreign language words, not often reciting something and listening to information, causes the lack of knowledge. So, what we need is to find a way to avoid such problems.As everyone knows, what one inputs decides what one outputs. If someone doesn't like reading books or reads the books short of knowledge, he will not be able to avoid the spiritual poverty. Besides, the lack of information input will also make it difficult to communicate with others; we would not acquire the information from others. So, to avoid the spiritual the poverty, the first step is to read more and listen more. To read more, people should have a big enough vocabulary, including foreign words. The lack of words is a barrier which makes it hard for many people to read for knowledge from other cultures. The way to solve this problem is to learn more words including English words, because English now is a global language and many scientific articles are written in it. To fulfill this second step, people need patience. We must keep in mind that to enlarge vocabulary is a job which should be done every day.The third step to solve the problem of spiritual poverty is to recite more. Good essay recitation is important because essays can be a spiritual wealth which can accompany you every day and everywhere. Reciting these essays can also help you learn how to use the words and how to lead a happy life. In a word, it is a good way to solve the spiritual poverty problem.Remember the three steps --- to read more and listen more, to enlarge your vocabulary, and to recite more. They will make your spirit full. If everyone takes the steps, the spiritual poverty will not be a problem in the future.。

4. 英语作文(5个句子表达)

Attention Please!I have an announcement to make.(大家请注意,我通知大家一下)

“English Corner" will be held in school garden in this Thursday. Five American students study in Beijing Normal University will be invited to take part in the "English Corner". One of them, Tina will introduce us about American people's life style and their education. After that, we can have free talks, like language learning, students' life in two countries, and so on. Welcome to take part in it.

5. 写好英语作文和正确句子我的英语作文写得不好,总写错句子

想写好作文,必须具备扎实的基本功,作文的基本功主要体现在词、句、段三个方面. 单词方面,积累单词,扩大词汇量,弄清词的确切用法及相似词的用法区别,以及很多固定短语、习语的用法,要准确地表达想要表达的意思. 句子方面,注意一些常用的句式,平时看到比较好用的句式要记下来,多模仿,还要在写文章时注意长短句的结合. 段落方面,注意整篇文章的整体布局,要从整体上把握每段的中心思想,避免偏题、走题. 提高写作水平不是一朝一夕所能完成的,最重要的是养成好的学习习惯,平时注意多积累,勤动笔、多思考,潜移默化中你的写作水平便会不断提高. (另有一帖) 要想用英语把文章写好,首先需要打下牢固的语言基础,即相当程度的语言造诣、良好的语言修养和敏锐的语言感知能力.写作者必须懂得写作的具体步骤,了解写作的性质,掌握写作的技巧.更为重要的是,中国学生还必须解决用英语思维的问题.不懂得英美人思维方式的人,无论语言功底有多深,是写不出地道的英语文章的. 英语语言的功底指对这门语言中各种语言知识的掌握和运用能力,其中包括用词的准确和精炼、修辞手段的自如运用、时态的准确运用以及语法和句法结构的熟练掌握等.写作中常出现的问题是用词欠准确,这主要是由于对词意和词在不同的语境中所产生的不同语意把握不好所致,而词汇量的贫乏也无疑是造成用词欠妥的一个重要因素. 当掌握了一定词汇量而不懂得修辞知识的人仍不可能把文章写好. 除了语言功底,写作者还必须清楚写作的具体任务、写作的特殊性以及写作所需要的各种技巧.写作是一种综合的智力活动,其作品是以思想为基础,以语言为工具而创造出来的艺术品.写作不仅需要丰富的想象力,还需要严谨的语言逻辑和独特的思想.否则,文章决不可能成为语言的佳作. 中国人用英语写作还面临一个思维方式的转变问题.不熟悉英语语言思维方式的人,无论有何等"高超"的写作技巧,都不可能创造出优美地道的英文作品.尤其是有很多学生在用英语写文章之前总习惯先用中文列出提纲,然后按照列出的中文提纲从事英语的写作.以这种方式写出的文章是可想而知的. 总之,思维方式的转变、对写作性质的深入了解、树立英语写作的正确意识是创造成功的英文作品的前提.这些问题将在以后的篇章中做进一步的讨论.。

6. 哪位能帮我批改一篇初中英语作文,表达一定要地道一点哦

1. If you miss a lesson ,you may have some questions left(遗漏下问题) .you"d better solve them by yourself ,then you can make progress! 2. We only remember that right one.The more you speak ,the more you want to speak and the better you speak . 改为,try to express youself in English,the more you speak ,the more you want to speak and the better you speak .。