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1. 关于心情英语短文

The weather does affect people's moods.

I can approve the weather does affect people's moods.

This afternoon, I stay in my office and do my job as the usual.

When I heard the sounds of heavy rain and strong wind from the outside, I can not concentrate on my work.? Tired and sleepy.? I do not want to work today.? I can not read a word.? The only idea in my mind is that I want go home.? I wanna go home.? I wanna go home.? I should stay home when the typhoon is coming.? I love the feeling of quiet?and peace at home when the rain or wind are heavy?and strong outside.? Compare indoor with outdoor, and I will know how lucky I am.? Unfortunately, I can not leave?

a lot of questions and the mood differs and differs.

2. 关于心情英语作文8句话,要求用五年级上册的句子

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one. Sometimes you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.All things are possible if you believe. Sometimes, the simplest advice that you give to others is the hardest thing for you to follow.Life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change. You'll never find the right person if you don't let go of the wrong one.Trust is the easiest thing in the world to lose,636f70797a686964616f31333337623431and the hardest thing in the world to get back. 信。

3. 关于心情的英语作文不少于五句

Just so so today. Not too good and not too bad. No fresh things happen. An ordinary day like every day.



Morning, not happy, have to get up early. Noon, not happy, can't have a nap. Afternoon, not happy, the lessons make everyone sleepy. Evening, not happy, can't watch animation. Night, not happy, can't go to sleep because of homework. 这个是描写心情不高兴的 Morning, not happy, have to get up early. Noon, not happy, can't have a nap. Afternoon, not happy, the lessons make everyone sleepy. Evening, not happy, can't watch animation. Night, not happy, can't go to sleep because of homework. 这个是描写心情不高兴的 满意请采纳

4. 保持一个好心情英语作文

On Mood

What accnornpanies you all your life is not fortune and fame nor youth and appearance, but your mood or the state of mind which controls your life. As man in the modern age, our moods are as ehangable as the cars coming and going on the super-high way. A favor from a neighbour, a kiss of a child, a praise from others are like warm sunshine that makes us comfortable. Bat a rough word from a stranger, a false product bought from the store, or an insulting remark in fun would put you in a bad mood and make your heart sink. A good mood makes one happy, energetic and creative. I was once shut in an elevator for one and a half hours. I had to phone for help. Eventually I was released, it was fun because I was in a happy mood. Otherwise I would have felt miserable.

A bad mood is bad enough to cause you to lose self-confidence and leaves you helpless with all your worries and troubles in mind.

More often than not, we are in a mixed mood. Sometimes we are happy and high-spirited. Sometimes we are in low spirits. At this time we have to take courage and have a change of mood.

A good mood will accompany you on your way to the palace of success, to the chamber of love and to pleasure and barmony in life. With a happy mood, we can live a more substantial life, one that is more interesting and meaningful.

So, always remember to keep a happy mood wherever you go or whatever you do.







5. 描写心情的英语句子

what a bad day for me

what a pity

how terrible!!

I am in an ill humor.


I'm in a bad mood

I'm in foul temper

I'm feeling rather blue

I"m in that low frame of mind.

I"m in a bad temper






smart from


6. 英语作文心情日记

It seems that Hainan Island has not automn . After a hot summer ,I thought it will become comfortable ,but it turn cold so quickly . The freeze wind make my hand moves clumsy to write well . All my classmates do not want to go out of dormitory. In spite of I sleep well at night , I feel sleepy all the time . I miss autumn of my hometown , it dry and comfortable and not like here so wet and cold ! I hope the winter holiday arrive soon, then I can go to to my hometown.海南岛就像没有秋天一样。




7. 【一篇颜色影响心情的英语作文】

你是附中的学生?Life is full of colors and different colors reflect different attitudes towards life. What is your favourite color? Are you in favour of those warm colours, such as yellow, orange, or red? If you do, you are likely to be an optimist, a leader, and an active person who enjoys life, work and excitement. Do you prefer those cold colors such as grey and blue? Then you may tend to be a pessimistic, quiet, and shy person, you would rather follow than lead. Is this true? Maybe. At least, this is what psychologists have told us, and they should know, since they have been seriously studying the meaning of color preference, as well as the effect that colors have on human beings' lives. They tell us that we do choose our favourite colors as we grew up, and we were born with our love for special colors. If you happen to love a special color, you were made to do this the moment you opened your eyes, or at least the moment you could recognize different colors. There is no doubt that colors do have an impact on our moods. A yellow room can make most people feel cheerful and relaxed while a dark green one makes you feel cold and afraid. And a red dress brings warmth and pleasure to the saddest winter day. Of course, the color black will probably make you feel depressed. It is reported that a black bridge over the Thames River used to be the scene of more suicides than any other bridge in the area until one day it was repainted green, the number of suicide attempts immediately fell sharply; perhaps it would have fallen even more if the bridge had been done in pink or baby blue.Light bright colors make people not only happier but more active in their work. It is an established fact that students work better, harder and will make fewer mistakes when their notebooks and study tools are of these colors rather than black or grey. 本文来自作文地带: 。

8. 好心情英语作文急

A tour to HanNan.

This summer holiday, (I caught the no.1 in my class, as a encouragement, my family had a tour with me to Hainan .You know, I was dreaming for that day before, and then my dream would be come true! Incredible! )But when we came to HaiNan, I fould the weather was terrific hot, more than I coule bear! The sky was blue, more than I could describe,( without any white coulds and wrinkles). And the sea was blue and bright ,more than I could believe,(mirror the blue sky, and you can inspire the fresh sea wind.) Walking by the sea is just like being in the oil painting! We sailed to an island called Xidao. I swam there. Swimming in the sea is quite different from that in a pool. Because the depth is various all the time. Maybe the water can't afford you this minute, and then it will flow over your head! Besides the swimming, we also had a good meal there. We had a nice seafood dish. I forgot the name of that conch, but I bought back the shell. If you want to have a look, you may ask me. Or, we may go to Hainan together, for I am always hoping to come to that place again. I really like that place, a place of blue and brightness,though it is a little bit hot。

the paradise you will never forget and always dreaming for。)