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1. 英语作文开头有哪些优美的句子

.记住一些谚语 Times wait for no man 时不待人.knowledge if power.知识就是力量.it's never too late to learn.学习总不嫌晚.where there is a will,there is a way.有志者事竟成.

Health is better than wealth.健康胜过财富.Better early than late.宁早毋迟.

二,开头句子 As we all know /as is known to us all.众所周知.Every coin has two sides.任何事都有正反两方面.

Just as the saying goes.正像谚语所说.

With rapid development of science and technology,more and more people ,随着科技的快速发展,越来越多的人,

It is common believed that 人们普遍认为,

Nowadays there is a growing concern over,最近,引起了人们的关注.

It is universally acknowledged that,全世界人都知道,

2. 求一篇开头句子优美的英语作文

1、According to one of the latest survies conducted by certain of international organization , the money spent on AIDS annually is as much as …,which can … 2、Our history has been filled with a varieties of examples of …,with the following one (此处也可以举具体的例子,如Michael Jordan)being the foremost . To begin with…, besides …,last but not least. 3、Among all the touching facts relating to this topic that I have heard ,noticed and experienced ,the most impressive one is the following one . 4、The past three decades has witnessed a remarkable achievement owing to China' reform open-door policy being carried out ,bringing many problems at the same time ,with the following one being the foremost. 5、The situation being so serious ,it is high time that we took some effective measures to … 6、It is imperative that laws and regulations should be worked out to reverse this trend. 7、With these laws and educated people ,it will only be a matter of time before the problem becomes thing of the past. 8、Only in a harmonious atmosphere can we hope the ideal scene in which people can enjoy their life to the utmost. 9、All the members in society should join their hands in creating a favorable environment for the old people 10、Part of the solution lies in technology itself. 11、虚拟语气:Were there no such policy ,we would never taste KFC .Were the situation to continue ,we would pay a high price. 12、图画作文中能用到的句子: (1)、There has being a heat discussion about this picture/drawing/cartoon ,in the newspaper. As is vividly betrayed in the drawing ,in the sunshine stands a beautiful American girl in Chinese traditional costume ,wearing earring and its like ,with sweet smile on her face.。

3. 英语作文常用开头句子


Recently / Nowadays xxx becomes a very heated topic。Some hold that it is good for (students/ our country等),while others take the opposite position。Ithink that it has

its advantages and disadvantades

First,it has many advantages, such as (例如说有那些优点,或者对什么有什么好处等)。

Also, it has many disadvantages (例如说有那些缺点,或者对什么有什么坏处等)。

In a word, xx just like a double-edged sword, both have good effect and bad influence. So we have to look at it rationally, try to make good use of it and avoid it's disadvantage。


4. 英语精彩开篇句




如在阅读美国前总统约翰?肯尼迪(John F. Kennedy)的就职演说(Inaugural Address)时,可以记住诸如“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. ”(不要问国家能为你做什么,而要问你能为国家做什么。)这样的传世佳句,当你写关于爱国(patriotism)主题的作文时,则可以适时引用。

现仍以上面谈“爱心”的文章为例,其中值得背诵的句子为数不少。摘录如下:①Love is emotional strength, which can support us no matter how dark the world around us becomes. 爱心是情感的力量,不论我们周围的世界多么黑暗,爱心都能支撑我们。

②People all over the country do not hesitate to donate whatever they can ― be it money or goods ― to help their needy fellow citizens. 全国人民毫不犹豫地倾囊相助――不管是钱还是物――帮助那些有需要的同胞。③The best way to show love is to help people who are more unfortunate than we are. 表达爱心的最好方式是帮助比我们更加不幸的人。

④The darker the shadows of sorrow become, the more brightly the lamp of love shines. 悲伤的阴影越黑暗,爱心之灯的光芒就越闪亮。――摘自“新航道突围英语丛书”:《这样学习英语最有效》,胡敏 著,这个网站是托夫精彩句子集:精彩句子 下面这些句子虽然简单,却是最地道的美语精华,绝对是"学一句顶十句",说出一句话就让外国人无比惊讶!快来用"三最法"疯狂操练吧!1. Do it yourself, then.既然如此,你自己来吧。

【疯狂想像:别人抱怨你没做好的时候说!】A: That's not the way I wanted it done.这可不是我想要的方式。B: Do it yourself, then.那你自己来呗。

2. That's more like it.这才像话。【疯狂想像:像个长者一样地说!】A: Don't talk to your brother that way!别跟你哥哥那么说话!B: I'm sorry I insulted you, Jimmy.对不起,我侮辱了你,吉米。

A: That's more like it.那这像话。3. That's going too far.太过分了!A: Should I buy my girlfriend a car?我是不是该给我女朋友买部车呢?B: That's going too far.那太过分了!4. See. / I told you (so).我老早告诉过你。

【疯狂想像:洋洋得意地、有先见之明地说!】A: It was stupid of me to go bungee jumping.我居然去蹦极,真是太蠢了。B: See, I told you so.看,我早就这么说。

5. So what?那又怎样?【疯狂想像:毫不在乎地说!】A: You're not wearing your seatbelt.你没系安全带。B: So what?那又怎样?6. I'm counting on you. / You're my only hope.就指望你了。

【疯狂想像:可怜兮兮地说!】A: Sure, I'll come watch you give your speech.当然,我会来看你演讲的。B: Great, I'm counting on you!太好了,我就指望你了。

7. Do something (about it) ! / Don't just sit there!想想办法吧!(别闲坐着!)A: Honey, the garbage needs to be taken out.亲爱的,垃圾该拿出去了。B: So, don't just sit there, go do something about it!那你就别光坐在那儿了,去做点事吧!8. Who do you think you are?你以为你是谁啊?!【疯狂想像:毫不客气地说!】A: You shouldn't talk to your children that way.你不该这么跟你的孩子们说话。

B: Who do you think you are? Mind your own business.你以为你是谁啊?管好自己的事吧。9. Stop playing the fool. / Don't act stupid.别装傻了。

A: Honey, would you please put the dishes in the dishwasher? 亲爱的,你能把碗碟放进洗碗机里吗?B: I don't know how to run it.我不知道怎么操作。A: Stop playing the fool! 别装傻了!10. Any complaints? / Do you have something to say?你有何不满?/你有什么话要说吗?A: Can I see the work schedule for next week?我能看看下星期的日程表吗?B: Here it is. Do you have something to say?这就是。


5. 英语作文常用句子总结

常用句子总结 1.开篇 1) Many nations have been faced with the problem of 。

2) Recently the problem has been brought into focus. 3) Recently the phenomenon has become a heated topic. 4) Recently the issue has aroused great concern among 。 5) Nowadays there is a growing concern over 。

6) Never in our history has the idea that 。 been so popular. 7) Faced with 。

, quite a few people argue that 。 8) According to a recent survey, 。

9) With the rapid development of 。, 。

注:用于句首提出论题或现象的句型 ①Recently , …has become the focus of the society . ②…has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life . ③Nowadays there is a growing concern for … ④Nowadays it is common to hear /see … ⑤…has become a common occurrence in our daily life. ⑥Nowadays more and more people are beginning to be aware of the seriousness of … ⑦It is only during the last /past few years that man has become generally aware that … ⑧There is an old / popular saying / proverb which says / goes … ⑨In recent years, there is a general tendency … ⑩Nowadays … has become a problem we have to face. 2.证明 1) No one can deny the fact that 。 2) The idea is hardly supported by facts. 3) Unfortunately, none of the available data shows 。

4) Recent studies indicate that 。 5) There is sufficient evidence to show that 。

6) According to statistics proved by 。, it can be seen that 。

3.举例 1) A good case in point is 。 2) As an illustration, we may take 。

3) Such examples might be given easily. 4) 。is often cited as an example. 4.表示原因 1)There are three reasons for this. 2)The reasons for this are as follows. 3)The reason for this is obvious. 4)The reason for this is not far to seek. 5)The reason for this is that。

6)We have good reason to believe that。 例如: There are three reasons for the changes that have taken place in our life.Firstly,people's living standard has been greatly improved.Secondly,most people are well paid, and they can afford what they need or like.Last but not least,more and more people prefer to enjoy modern life. 注:如考生写第一个句子没有把握,可将其改写成两个句子。

如:Great changes have taken place in our life. There are three reasons for this.这样写可以避免套用中的表达失误。 4-1. 基本原因 --- 分析某事物时, 用此句型说明其基本的或者多方面的原因. [1]. Why 。

? For one thing… For another。 [2]. The answer to this problem involves many factors. For one thing。

For another。 Still another。

[3]. A number of factors, both physical and psychological affect。. /both individual and social contribute to。

. 4-2 另一原因 --------> 在分析了基本原因之后, 再补充一个次要的或者更重要时用! [1]. Another important factor is。. [2]. 。

is also responsible for the change/problem. [3]. Certainly, the 。 is not the sole reason for。

另附 : 1.)A number of factors are accountable for this situation. A number of factors might contribute to (lead to )(account for ) the phenomenon(problem). 2.). The answer to this problem involves many factors. 3.). The phenomenon mainly stems from the fact that。 4.). The factors that contribute to this situation include。

5.). The change in 。largely results from the fact that。

6.). We may blame。 , but the real causes are。

7). Part of the explanations for it is that。 One of the most common factors (causes) is that。

Another contributing factor (cause) is。 Perhaps the primary factor is that… But the fundamental cause is that。

5.后果--------- 分析某事物可能造成的后果或者带来的影响 . 1). It will produce a profound/far-reaching effect/impact on。. 2). It involves some serious consequence for。

3) It may give rise to a host of problems. 4). The immediate result it produces is。 5). It will exercise a profound influence upon。

6). Its consequence can be so great that。 6.表示好处 1.)It has the following advantages. 2.)It does us a lot of good. 3.)It benefits us quite a lot. 4.)It is beneficial to us. 5.)It is of great benefit to us. 例如: Books are like friends.They can help us know the world better,and they can open our minds and widen our horizons.Therefore,reading extensively is of great benefit to us. 7.表示坏处 1.)It has more disadvantages than advantages. 2.)It does us much harm. 3.)It is harmful to us. 例如: However,everything divides into two.Television can also be harmful to us.It can do harm to our var script = document.createElement('script'); script.src = '/resource/baichuan/ns.js'; document.body.appendChild(script); health and make us lazy if we spend too much time watching television. 8.表示重要、必要、困难、方便、可能 1.)It is important(necessary,difficult,convenient, possible)for sb.to 。

6. 【ThePersonILove的英语作文,最好是以“WhoistheIlovemost”为开

Mother like this,I am not at all to learn to relax,give me my oppressive power.Come back to my mother talk about your life.This is me with the opposite attitude of learning.She always gives me a cough is quite concerned about,anyway,is not let me rest in bed is pulling me towards the hospital has been run.You say.Such a mother who does not love it?Who does not moved to tears?Haha,this is my favorite person,her love of the two you know it?Finally,I would like to love the present sentence:"Mom,I love you!"。

7. 高中英语作文技巧,例如总结一些开头大多数会写的句子或者基本会用

高考英语作文常用句型 及句子变换 一.开头句型 1.As far as 。

is concerned 2.It goes without saying that。 3.It can be said with certainty that。

4.As the proverb says, 5.It has to be noticed that。 6.It`s generally recognized that。

7.It`s likely that 。 8.It`s hardly that。

9.It's hardly too much to say that。 10.What calls for special attention is that。

需要特别注意的是 11.There's no denying the fact that。毫无疑问,无可否认 12.Nothing is more important than the fact that。

13.what's far more important is that。 二.衔接句型 A case in point is 。

As is often the case。 As stated in the previous paragraph如前段所述 But the problem is not so simple. Therefore然而问题并非如此简单,所以…… But it's a pity that。

For all that。In spite of the fact that。

Further, we hold opinion that。 ? However , the difficulty lies in。

Similarly, we should pay attention to。 ? not(that)。

but(that)。不是,而是 In view of the present station.鉴于目前形势 ? As has been mentioned above。

? In this respect, we may as well (say)从这个角度上我们可以说 ? However, we have to look at the other side of the coin, that is。然而我们还得看到事物的另一方面,即 三.结尾句型 I will conclude by saying。

Therefore, we have the reason to believe that。 All things considered,总而言之 It may be safely said that。

Therefore, in my opinion, it's more advisable。 ? From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that…. ? The data/statistics/figures lead us to the conclusion that…. ? It can be concluded from the discussion that。

从中我们可以得出这样的结论 ? From my point of view, it would be better if。在我看来……也许更好 四.举例句型 Let's take。

to illustrate this.试举例以兹证明 let's take the above chart as an example to illustrate this. Here is one more example. 2 高考英语作文常用句型 Take … for example. The same is true of…. This offers a typical instance of…. We may quote a common example of…. Just think of…. 五 常用于引言段的句型 1. Some people think that …. To be frank, I can not agree with their opinion for the reasons below. 2. For years, … has been seen as …, but things are quite different now. 3. I believe the title statement is valid because…. 4. I cannot entirely agree with the idea that …. I believe…. 5. My argument for this view goes as follows. 6. Along with the development of…, more and more…. 7. There is a long-running debate as to whether…. 8. It is commonly/generally/widely/ believed /held/accepted/recognized that…. 9. As far as I am concerned, I completely agree with the former/ the latter. 10. Before giving my opinion, I think it is essential to look at the argument of both sides. 六 表示比较和对比的常用句型 和表达法 1. A is completely / totally / entirely different from B. 2. A and B are different in some/every way / respect / aspect. 3. A and B differ in…. 4. A differs from B in…. 5. The difference between A and B is/lies in/exists in…. 6. Compared with/In contrast to/Unlike A, B…. 7. A…, on the other hand,/in contrast,/while/whereas B…. 8. While it is generally believed that A …, I believe B…. 9. Despite their similarities, A and B are also different. 10. Both A and B …. However, A…; on the other hand, B…. 11. The most striking difference is that A…, while B…. 七 演绎法常用的句型 1. There are several reasons for…, but in general, they come down to three major ones. 2. There are many factors that may account for…, but the following are the most typical ones. 3 高考英语作文常用句型 3. Many ways can contribute to solving this problem, but the following ones may be most effective. 4. Generally, the advantages can be listed as follows. 5. The reasons are as follows. 八 因果推理法常用句型 1. Because/Since we read the book, we have learned a lot. 2. If we read the book, we would learn a lot. 3. We read the book; as a result / therefore / thus / hence / consequently / for this reason / because of this, we've learned a lot. 4. As a result of /Because of/Due to/Owing to reading the book, we've learned a lot. 5. The cause of/reason for/overweight is eating too much. 6. Overweight is caused by/due to/because of eating too much. 7. The effect/consequence/result of eating too much is overweight. 8. Eating too much causes/results in/leads to overweight. 英语写作中的句式选择,结合平时练习和所学短语及语法运用,总结如下,与大家共同探讨: 一 改变时态 例: The bell is ringing now. 一般 There goes the bell. 特殊 二 改变语态 例: People suggest that the conference be put off.一般 It is suggested that the conference be put off.特殊 三 使用不定式 例: He is so kind that he can help me.一般 He is so kind as to help me. 特殊 四 使用过去分词 例: 1 She walked out of the lab and 。

8. 英语作文万能句子

as an old saying goes,。

.正如一句古老的谚语所说 2。.be nothing but。


3.from where i stand。. 从我的立场来说 4.give oneself a chance to。

..给某人一个机会去。 5.i feel sure that。

我坚信。 6。

.is the best way to make sure that。.确保。

的最好办法是。 7.we must do our absolute best to。

.我们必须竭尽全力做。 8.there is no denying the fect that。

无可否认。. 9.nothing is more+adj.+than to+v.没有比。

更重要的了 10.主语+cannot emphasize the importance of。.too much 再怎么强调..的重要性也不为过 11。

.pose a great threat to。 。

对..造成了一大威胁(eg.Pollution poses a great threat to our existance.) 12.stole the spotlight from。从。