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1. 有关你生命中一个对你有影响的人的英语作文

the most important person in my life

If you ask me who is the most important people in your life. I will reply my mother.

Yes she is the most important person in my life. at first she gave me my life. She let me alive and touch the world and see eveything.

On the other hand, when i was very young she taught me how to speak and who to walk. when i was in school she also worried about my studies and if it was rainning outside she would also came to school and picked me up. she would like to wait me in the raining and cold day. I told her i need to wear school uniform the next day. she would cleaned it at night and dry it. then fold it and put it beside my bed. I really impressed with her.

So the most important person in my life is my mother!


2. 一件小事影响我们一生的英语作文

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Credit Card

Personal credit cards are becoming more common in China.Banks and other financial institutions are encouraging their customers to change the way they buy things.Credit cards,known as “plastic money”,are being offered on very good terms to encourage the change.Consumers will be able to “buy now,pay later”,and many see this as an advantage.

But people need to be careful.There are dangers associated with credit cards.Some people find it very easy to exceed their budget.They are tempted to purchase goods that they do not really need,and can become quickly overburdened by debt.The credit cards often charge a high rate of interest,which exacerbates the problems for these people.

However,used wisely credit cards can improve the quality of people's lives.They can give people access to money to meet sudden unplanned expenses.Properly handled,they can let people control their expenditure and the monthly statements provide a record of where their money has gone.

What does friendship mean?Maybe different people have different ideas.There is no definite answer to this question.As an eternal theme in literature,friendship is also important in daily life.Friendship is to our life what salt is to dishes.When you are happy,friendship is just like adding flowers on the brocade; if you are in trouble,friends will surround you and remove the barriers for you.We admire the great friendship between Marx and Engel,which firmly combined them and pushed them forward on the road to exploring and fulfilling Communism.

Friendship isn't almighty,but no one can live happily without it.

3. 英语作文,描写一位在你短暂人生中,对你成长影响最大的人 内容包括

People are ofteninfluenced by others in their lives. I am of no exception. My English teacher in high school Mr. Zhang exerted the greatest impact on my life, without which I would not be able to be successful.

My dear Mr. Zhang influenced me in many ways of which two are most important. What comes first is on my health. He invited me to go running in the morning. We kept running for almost two years. Now I feel so happy that I am healthy and strong, esp. when others are often troubled by various diseases. What's more, he helped me find my confidence. For quite a period of time, I had been very lowbecause of poor performance. Mr. Zhang invited me to go traveling with him. We had a lot of discussion about life, and about people. During the journey, I forgot about the unhappiness, and I also see that I am very competent person. Then I succeeded in regaining my confidence. I can never forget about these things.

All in all, I am very grateful for Mr. Zhang, and I wish him good luck.

4. 求一篇英语作文三百词左右,写关于,影响我一生的一个人

My Father Everyone around me says my father and I are alike and have the similar personality.It's true that I have much in common with my father,for I have been greatly influenced by him in my life. I have been working very hard at my study,which is due to my my father's dilligence.When I was in my childhood,my family was poor.In order to raise the family,father worked very hard.He went to the town to work by bike every morning and then came back home very late at night.It was common that I had not seen him for long,for every morning before I got up and went to school,he had left home,and before he returned home from work in the evening I had fallen asleep.I was quite confused that we lived in the same family every day but it was too difficult for us to meet.He was just like a stranger.It was not until that cold day did I understand all. One moring in a winter,I was very cold.I got up early as usual.When I passed my parents' bedroom,to my surprise,I found father lying in bed,trembling.A bad feeling occured to me.I stepped into the room and asked,“Dad,are you OK?”Hearing that,father turned around and opened his eye with difficulty,“Nothing serious,boy.Just a cold.”“I overslept,and will be late for work.”Father tried to rise and put on clothes quickly.“No,dad.You are ill and should stay at home.”“Good boy,I know but I have to.If I am absent from work today,I won't get paid,and we won't have enough money for your schooling and our life.”Father said,“Boy,we are men who should support the family.You should study hard now and work hard in the future.”What moving words!From that moment I knew why he kept getting so early and returning home so late.I keep the words in mind and do what father told me. Father always offered his love and care to others,which had great influence on me.Father was also honest,who is my idol.Besides,father never gave up anytime,which told me to be strong,when facing difficulties. I love my father,a man who has had greatest influence on me in my life.。

5. 初中英语作文――你一生中对你影响最大的人


The one who influences me most is undoubtedly my mother. She is very kind-hearted and uses her words and behavious to teach me how to be a good man. She points out my shortcomings and enables me to correct them and make progress. When I suffere from setbacks, she is always there to comfort me and cheer me up. When I have problems, she will always answer me with patience. When I encounter something happy, she will share with me and be delighted for me from the bottom of her heart. She is a person who truly considers me and hopes me happy every day. I love her.


6. 求一篇英语作文,科技对人们生活的影响,议论文,用词越高级,句

题:As people rely more and more ontechnology to solve problems,the ability of humans to think for themselveswill surely deteriorate.这是之前练GRE的ISSUE的一篇文章……都记不得是什么时候写的了,也许有直接用别人的段子的地方……仅供参考吧……Will the ability of human to thinkdeteriorate as a result of reliance on modern technology?The author claimedso.The more we human beings depend on the high technology which provides uswith convenience and efficiency,the more possible we will too lazy to think onour own.However,he fails to fully evaluate this issue.And for one thing,theability to think and use of technology are not mutually exclusive.In fact,thedevelopment of technology makes more possibilities and more space for humanmind to think and explore.I concede that sometimes technology doesimpair the ability to,for example,compute,as we have calculators andcomputers to do those tedious jobs for us.And because of the GPS,we do not need to remember theroads home and do not have to think about which route will be shorter andfaster.And sometimes,when we have trouble or,the first thing come up with isnot to find the answer by thinking,but to click the keyboard and just googleit.At the same time,the development oftechnology also provides us with new problems and challenges never thoughtpossible.And the most compelling example will be astronomy.In China,there is an ancient mythcalled Changebenyue,a story in which a women named Change eat a kind ofmedicine and then flied to the moon.For ancient Chinese,it is a dream thatthought to be never achieved.As a result,no one ever think about how to makeit come true.However,with the development of astronomy,scientists areintrigued by the outer space,and by years of research and hard work,human arefinally able to fly to the moon.The success of reaching the outerspace raises more attention from all over the world,even themigration to the Mars seems more possible.In order to fulfill these tasks,scientists are working on a lot of problems such as discovering more efficientfuel,lighter materials,and a way to cut down the cost which will make thespace ship affordable for common people.And after Henry Ford made cars in arevolutionary way,the production line,tones of cars sold every year in the world.As cars become ubiquitous,theproblems follow.The shortage of fuel.As the price of gasoline rises every year,the need to find alternative energy is pressing.Nuclear energy,and solar energy cars are under experiments.When it comes to alternative energy,nuclear energy must be one of the most potential ones.nuclear energy is infinite.Yet,it can sometimes turn to ahorrible disaster.In addition,the efficiency whichtechnology provides can give us more time to think and focus on those reallymatters rather than trifles.And there are numerous examples to name.In sum,the ability to think will not bedeteriorated by the technology,rather,the convenience and efficiency whichtechnology provides will lead to more time to think and offer us with newproblems and challenges to work on.。

7. 英语作文《对你影响最大的人》

My sister is absolutely the one which influence me most. Since parents are busy with business, so she is the one acconmapying me through all these years, educate me, supervise me and make me grow up.

She is always trying to be the top one in her class, which encourage me to do the best.

8. 【跪求英语好写且吸引人有意义的作文题目

1.The power of smiles微笑的力量 2.The meaning of life人生的意义 3.Value every minute珍惜每一分(秒) 4.Never give up永不放弃 5.The greatest pain in life人生最大的悲痛 6.Shake it off and step up重整旗鼓向前进 7.Nothing to fear无所畏惧 8.Yesterday,today and tomorrow昨天,今天和明天 9 Love is understanding爱就是理解 10.Grandma's vase/grandpa's chair/mom's gloves/dad's bike 外婆的花瓶/爷爷的椅子/母亲的手套/选了十个题目.你可试写一两个.平时多下手写写感想.多思考些日常小事,其实就是把你平时的一些想法,或是注意到一些现象,整理一下.加点个人想法,就会是一篇很好的文章了.只要是发自内心的声音都会是动听的.考试时你也会下笔如神了.懂吗?祝好!随便写点什么,可是一些感想,也可以是一小段描写,总之你能中文写的东西也要尝试着用英语写,这样时间久了就好了.。