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1. 对挂科的同学表示关心同情英语作文

b: i failed my english exam.

a: cheer up! it's not the end of the world!

b: but i only got 85 out of 150!

a: oh, that's not high, though. yet i believe as long as you try harder, you might get 90 points next time!

b: you have a point. i'd better talk to my english teacher after class.

a: i bet you will~~~

2. 英文作文: 一、回信:朋友遇到许多不顺心的事感到郁闷 1.描述 2.表

we can't live wll without friends , friends to us is what water to fish . we share happiness and sorrow with each other ,

firstly,the most important thing is to stay with he or she , try to listen to her/him. as we all know , listenning to others plays a important role in this situation, it provides her/him a chance to pour her sorrow out .

secondly, help her/him to face this problem , you needn't say many words but support her/him to solve this problem by themselves.

finally, youcan invite her/he to go shopping or do other thing you usually do together .this is mainly because to shift their attention.

in a word , everybody will in bad mood ,and who is your real friends?please remenber :a friend in need is a friend indeed.


3. 写一篇关于对别人的遭遇(不擅长交朋友)表示同情的英语作文

When communicating with people, hear much, speak little, and listen to what other focus every word, let them know you in listening, and show you really care about each others thoughts. In the appropriate time openly express your opinion, you will be surprised to find that many people are very fond of you.

Peoples feelings are reflective. If you want others to your kind to others, you must first kind, If you want to give to others, you must first to sincerely, others sincerely.

Make yourself more approachable, peacetime to laugh more, because the most welcome smiles is invited.

To set a goal, every week to know a new friend.

If a man does not pay attention to you, make friends for the next one, so you wont have any loss.

4. 关于关爱他人的英语作文

Take Care For OthersPeople hold different opinions about relationship between each other.In my opinion,we should take more care for others to build up a sound and harmony relationship.More care for others brings love to the world.In 2008,there was a serious earthquake in SiChuan and thousands of people were made victims and homeless in an instant.But at that moment,the whole country went into action immediately.The PLA rished their lives to save the victims.Groups of volunteers rushed to the disaster areas to give relief.The Party and the government made every effort to help those in the disaster areas to get over the difficulties.We all show love towards the unfortunate and then SiChuan get rid of the difficulty.On the other hand we can't take more care for others so as to get some rewards.Each should give others whatever help he can when they need it regardless of self-benefit.However,to do this needs a moral soul and it's not so easy to get such top level.But we should act as possible as we can.Let's be unself-fish to show our loves to others and make the world warmer and warmer.。

5. 如何用英语表达同情

用英语表达同情的单词有:sympathy ,pity


1、读音:英 ['s?mp?θi]美 ['s?mp?θi]


3、例句:I felt much sympathy for the blind.



sympathy, compassion, mercy, pity

这组词都有“同情”或“可怜”的意思。其区别在于:pity通常只表示内心感到难过或同情,少给予帮助; sympathy指“同情心”或“恻隐之心”,强调共同分担,进而对某种经历或遭遇引起共鸣;

compassion指“同情心”,强调由于理解而同情,并主动给予帮助,常常指通过自身痛苦或不幸而同情别人; mercy指“仁慈”或“怜悯”,含有主动救助别人脱离苦难之义。


1、读音:英 ['p?ti]美 ['p?ti]


3、例句:He remained unmoved by her entreaties for pity。





pity, compassion, mercy, sympathy

这组词都有“同情”或“可怜”的意思。其区别在于:pity通常只表示内心感到难过或同情,少给予帮助; sympathy指“同情心”或“恻隐之心”,强调共同分担,进而对某种经历或遭遇引起共鸣;

compassion指“同情心”,强调由于理解而同情,并主动给予帮助,常常指通过自身痛苦或不幸而同情别人; mercy指“仁慈”或“怜悯”,含有主动救助别人脱离苦难之义。例如:

It is a pity that such an ability as him should be employed about such trifle matters.真可惜,像他这样有才能的人竟然被用来做这类琐事。

Her own experiences had taught her to have compassion for misunderstood children.她自身的遭遇使她认识到应对那些受到误解的孩子予以同情。

6. 表达关心一个人的英文句子

1) You look more beautiful every time I see you. 每次见到你,你都更漂亮。

2) I love you with all my heart. 我全心全意爱你.

3) I love you for you. 我真心爱你.(简单吧!当你想表示爱的是对方的人,而不是其他如钱财,权势等,


4) For the same reason you like me, I like you, too.我也喜欢你啊,就想你喜欢我一样.

5) My love for you is as deep as the sea. 对你的爱,似海深.

6) I'll love you as long as I live. 爱你一辈子(爱你千万年).

7) If the sun were to rise in the west, I'd never change my mind to love you forever.即使太


8) You're the only man/woman I could be happy with.(这句话是不是太夸张?)

9) I'm so happy with you in this starry night.在这繁星闪烁的夜晚,跟你在一起非常快乐.

10)I love stars, and you're as beautiful as a star.我喜欢星星,而你就跟星星般美丽。(是


11) If you go away, I'll be blue. I'll miss you when you leave. 假如你走了,我会很沮丧. 你离


12) That reminds me too much of you.那使我很想你.(并不一定要用think、miss等单词哦)

13) I'm singing a torch song for her. 我单恋她.(因失恋/单恋而唱的歌就是torchsong)

14) I'm sending your favorite red rose to feast your eyes upon. 我要送你你最喜爱的红玫瑰,让


15) Will you accept me? I wanna share my life with you.你答应我的求婚吗?我想永远和你在一起