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1、相逢,不是恨晚,便是恨早。Meet, not hate late, early is hate。

2、女人的一生就是一部爱情的历史。A woman's life is a history of love。

3、我爱你,没有什么目的。只是爱你。I love you, no purpose。 Just love you。

4、爱的,不爱的。一直在告别中。Love, not love。 Has been in the farewell。

5、阳光擦干了我思念你的泪水。The sun dried the tears I miss you。

6、爱情,原来是含笑饮毒酒。Love, it is smiling drink wine。

7、相爱却不能相恋,相恋却不相爱。Love can not love, love is not love。

8、离别使爱情热烈,相逢则使它牢固。Absence makes love warm, meet is to make it strong。

9、踮起脚尖,我们就能离幸福更近一点吗?Stood on tiptoe, we can a bit closer to happiness?

10、我相信我爱你。依然。始终。永远。I believe that I love you。 Still。 Always。 Forever。

11、一旦爱情得到了满足,他人魅力也就荡然无存了。When love is satisfied, others also eases up。

12、爱情的午夜时分都同正午一样明亮。Love in the middle of the night is as bright as noon。

13、男人不爱女人。他们只是需要女人。Men don't love a woman。 They just need a woman。

14、恋人们发誓要做的事情,总是超过他们的能力。Lovers vowed to do, is always beyond their ability。

15、建筑在别人痛苦上的幸福不是真正的幸福。Building on others pain of happiness is not real happiness。

16、想不付出任何代价而得到幸福,那是神话。Can't think of any cost and get happiness, that is a myth。

17、人真正的完美不在于他拥有什么,而在于他是什么。One really perfect is not what he has, but what he is。

18、缘分叵测,我们无从得知下一刻会发生一些什么。Fate ill, we don't know what will happen next。

19、爱情永远比婚姻圣洁,婚姻永远比爱情实惠。Love always holier than marriage, marriage than love forever。

20、爱一个人很难,放弃自己心爱的人更难。Love a person is difficult, give up his beloved people more difficult。

21、爱情是风花雪月的事,失意的人是玩不起的。Love is sentimental, frustrated people can't afford to play。

22、短暂的离别会促进爱情,长久的分离却会将它扼杀。Brief departure promotes love, but long separation will kill it。

23、试金可以用火,试女人可以用金,试男人可以用女人。Can use fire, tries the woman can use gold, tries men with women。

24、像我这样的女人,总是以一个难题的形式出现在感情里。Women like me, always take the form of a problem in the relationship。

25、带给你快乐的那个人,就是也能带给你痛苦的人。The man who bring you happiness, is the man who can bring you pain。

26、我是极空洞的一个穷人,我也是一个极充实的富人。I am very empty a poor man, I am also a very fulfilling the rich。

27、我爱你,爲了你的幸福,我愿意放弃一切。I love you, for the sake of your happiness, I am willing to give up everything。

28、爱情就像攥在手里的沙子,攥的越紧,流失的越快。Love is like a clutch of sand in your hand, holding tight, lost the faster。

29、你想成为幸福的人吗?但愿你首先学会吃得起苦。Who do you want to be happy? I hope you learn first to eat up bitter。

30、人类是唯一会脸红的动物,或是唯一该脸红的动物。Human beings are the only animals that blush, or the only animals that。

31、爱情对于男人不过是身外之物,对于女人却是整个生命。Love to a man's life a thing apart, but the whole life to women。

32、在一个个漫漫长夜,思念象千万只蚂蚁一样啃噬着我的身体。In a long night, missing like ten million ants bite on my body。

33、爱人是很卑微的,很卑微的,如果对方不爱你的话。Love is a very humble, very humble, if each other do not love you。

34、爱情是容易被怀疑的幻觉,一旦被识破就自动灰飞烟灭。Love is easy to doubt the illusion, once be found is automatically。

35、每想你一次,天上飘落一粒沙,从此形成了撒哈拉。Every miss you once, the sky falls a grain of sand, and formed the Sahara。

36、爱情是女人一生的历史,而只是男人一生中的一段插曲。Love is a woman's life history, but only an episode in man's life。

37、浪漫是一袭美丽的晚礼服,但你不能一天到晚都穿着它。Romance is a beautiful evening dress, but you can't wear it day and night。

38、爱情要完结的时候自会完结,到时候,你不想画上句号也不行。Love to end will end, when the time comes, you don't want to end。

39、红尘十丈,茫茫的人海,竟还是自己的来处。The world of mortals ten zhangs, the boundless sea, unexpectedly still to himself。

40、你永远看不见我眼里的泪,因为你不在时我才会哭泣。You can't see tears in my eyes forever, because I will cry while you were away。

41、好想来一次安静的认真的努力的唐吉坷德式的单恋。Good want to a quiet serious effort don long heart type of unrequited love。

42、你明白,人的一生,既不是人们想象的那么好,也不是那么坏。You know, human life, is not people imagination of so good, it's not so bad。

43、爱的出发点不一定是身体,但爱到了身体就到了顶点。The starting point is not necessarily the body of love, but love in the body to the vertex。

44、走的最急的是最美的景色,伤的最深的是最真的感情。Go the most urgent is the most beautiful scenery, hurt the deepest is the true feelings。

45、因为上帝恒久不变的大爱,我就能学着去爱这世上的一草一木一沙。Because god constant love, I can learn to love in this world every inch of the sand。

46、爱情的野心使人备受痛苦,希望和狮子匹配的驯鹿,必须为爱而死。Love the ambition of misery, hope and the lion matching reindeer, must die for love。

47、爱象一盏油灯,灯芯烧枯以后,它的火焰也会由微暗而至消失。Love is like a lamp, the wick to burn away after its flame will to disappear by pale。

48、有些人注定是等待别人的,有些人是注定被人等的。Some people is doomed to be waiting for someone else, some people are doomed to people, etc。

49、婚姻从来不能用来挽救一段破碎的爱情,破碎的爱情只能得到破碎的婚姻。Marriage is never used to save a broken love, broken love only get broken marriage。

50、爱情正是一个将一对陌生人变成情侣,又将一对情侣变成陌生人的游戏。Love is a will a pair of strangers into a couple, and a couple into a stranger's game。

51、你曾经不被人所爱,你才会珍惜将来那个爱你的人。You have not loved with all his/her being, you will cherish the person who love you in the future。

52、以后你会不经意地想起我,请别忘记我曾那样深深地爱过你。Later you will inadvertently think of me, please don't forget I have loved you deeply。

53、爱是一件温柔的东西,要是你拖着它一起沉下去,那未免太难为它了。Love is a tender thing, if you drag it down together, that would be too hard for it。

54、常常告诫自己不要在一棵树上吊死,结果在树林里迷路了。Often told myself don't commit suicide by hanging dead in a tree, the result is lost in the woods。

55、爱情是个变幻莫测的家伙,它渴望得到一切,却几乎对一切都感到不满。Love is a changeable guy, it is eager to get everything, but on almost everything。

56、每一个爱情故事的开始总是灿烂如花结尾却又总是沉默如土。Every beginning of a love story is always bright like the ending is always silent, such as soil。

57、爱上一个人的时候,总会有点害怕,怕得到他;怕失掉他。Fall in love with a person, always a little afraid, afraid to get him。 Afraid to lose him。

58、不要去看那个伤口,它有一天会结疤的,疤痕不褪,可它不会再痛。Don't go to see the wound, it will someday become scarred, scars don't faded, but it won't pain。

59、习惯就是习惯,谁也不能将其扔出窗外,只能一步一步地引下楼。Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window by any man, only step by step and led downstairs。

60、不爱的爱情,永远不会变坏。所以,我们调情,我们暧昧,却永远不要相爱。Don't love love, never go bad。 Therefore, we flirt, we ambiguous, but never fall in love。

61、我们一直是在离别中,比如和爱的人,和伤害,甚至和时光。We have been in the separation, and the love of the people, for example, and injuries, and even time。

62、我不仅要爱的肉眼认识我的肉身,我要你的灵眼认识我的灵魂。I should not only know my flesh to the naked eye of love, I want you to eyes to know the spirit of my soul。

63、要是爱情不允许彼此之间有所差异,那么为什么世界上到处都有差异呢?If love don't allow the differences between each other, so why there are differences in the world?

64、一个承诺在最需要的时候没有兑现,那就是出卖,以後再兑现,已经没什麽意思了。A commitment when the most need not cash, that is sold, later again to cash, has no meaning。

65、结婚那天你一定要来做我的伴郞,因为我们承诺过要一起走进婚姻的殿堂。On the wedding day you must to do my groom, because we promised to go into the realm of marriage。

66、爱情就像财富,有赖于命运之轮,它始终处于剧烈的上下颠簸之中。Love is like wealth, depends on the wheel of fortune, it's always in the midst of an intense bumpy。

67、人生并非游戏,因此,我们并没有权利只凭自己的意愿放弃它。Life is not a game, so we don't have any right to only depend on their willingness to give it up。

68、也许爱情只是因为寂寞。需要找一个人来爱。即使没有任何结局。Maybe love only because of loneliness。 Need to find someone to love。 Even without any ending。

69、我也相信爱可以排除万难;只是,万难之後,又有万难。这是我更相信的。I also believe that love can surmount every difficulty; Just, after all, have never agree。 This is I believe。

70、快乐没有本来就是坏的,但是有些快乐的产生者却带来了比快乐大许多倍的烦扰。Happy happiness not is bad, but some producers brought a troubled many times larger than happiness。

71、人们所努力追求的庸俗的目标,财产、虚荣、奢侈的生活,我总觉得都是可鄙的。Vulgar in which people strive for goals, property, vanity and luxury life, I always think is contemptible。

72、感情有时候只是一个人的事情。和任何人无关。爱,或者不爱,只能自行了断。Feelings sometimes just one thing。 Has nothing to do with anyone else。 Love, or don't love, only can own hands。

73、暗恋是神圣的,要以对方的幸福为依归。如果有痛楚,也该留给自己。Unrequited love is sacred, to follow the rules of each other's happiness。 If there is pain, also this to yourself。

74、在爱情没有完成它的一切仪式以前,时间总是走得象一个扶着拐杖的跛子一样慢。In love didn't complete it before all ceremonies, time always goes too slowly like a lame man is to hold the cane。

75、幸福的斗争不论它是如何的艰难,它并不是一种痛苦,而是快乐,不是悲剧的,而只是戏剧的。Happy fight no matter how hard it is, it is not a pain, but is happy, is not a tragedy, and just play。

76、首先是最崇高的思想,其次才是金钱;光有金钱而没有最崇高的思想的社会是会崩溃的。First is the most noble ideas, followed by money; Light has money, not the most lofty ideas of society would collapse。

77、我生命里的温暖就那么多,我全部给了你,但是你离开了我,你叫我以后怎么再对别人笑。In the warmth of my life and so much, I all give you, but you leave me, you call I how after again to others laugh。

78、我不敢说,我有办法救你,救你就是救我自己,力量是在爱里;再不容迟疑,爱,动手吧!I dare not say, I have a way to save you, save you is to save myself, power is in love; Not hesitate again, love!

79、当我正不知道用什么形容词来修饰我们爱情的时候,却发现它对于你来说却只是个不可数名词。When I was just wondering what adjectives modify when we love, only to find it for you is just an uncountable noun。

80、回忆是不可以代替的,人也不可以代替。然而,旧的思念会被新的爱情永远代替。Memory is not we can substitute, people also can not replace。 However, old thoughts will be a new love instead of forever。

81、爱情看起来很浪漫、很纯情,可最终现实是残酷的,因为她经不起油盐酱醋的烹制。Love looks very romantic, very pure feeling, end but the reality is cruel, because she can not stand, cooking sauce cooked in vinegar。

82、我们也许可以同时爱两个人,又被两个人所爱。遗憾的是,我们只能跟其中一个厮守到老。We may be able to love two people at the same time, and loved by two people。 Unfortunately, we can only stay with one of them to the old。

83、爱情!你深入一切事物的中心;你会把不存在的事实变成可能,而和梦境互相沟通。Love! You into the center of all things; You will see the fact that there is no possible, and communicate with one another and dreams。

84、每个人身上都有一口泉眼,不断喷涌出生命、活力、爱情。如果不为它挖沟疏导,它就会把周围的土地变成沼泽。Every man has a spring, is gushing, vitality, love life。 If no channel for it, it will make the land around swamp。

85、情人们和疯子们都富于纷乱的思想和成形的幻觉,他们所理会到的永远不是冷静的理智所能充分了解。Lovers and lunatics are full of chaos and the forming of illusion, they listen to forever not cool reason can fully understand。

86、既然真理和坚贞均告徒劳,既然爱情、痛苦和理智的力量都不能将其说服,那么就让榜样作为儆戒吧!Since the truth and firmness was futile, since the power of love, pain, and reason are not to be persuaded, so let example as JingJie!

87、我没有别的方法,我就有爱;没有别的天才,就是爱;没有别的能力,只是爱;没有别的动力,只是爱。I have no other way, I have love。 There is no other genius, is love; There is no other ability, just love; There is no other power, is love.

88、严肃的人的幸福,并不在于风流、娱乐与欢笑这种种轻佻的伴侣,而在于坚忍与刚毅。Serious person's happiness, is not romantic, entertainment and laughter, this kind of frivolous companions, but lies in perseverance and fortitude.

89、爱情是心中的暴君;它使理智不明,判断不清;它不听劝告,径直朝痴狂的方向奔去。Love is the tyrant of the heart; It makes the reason is unclear, judgment is not clear; It doesn't listen to reason, just ran to the direction of the crazy.

90、无法厮守终生的爱情,不过是人在长途旅程中,来去匆匆的转机站,无论停留多久,始终要离去坐另一班机。Can't be a lifetime of love, but is one on the long journey, transit station in a hurry, no matter how long stay, always to go sit another flight.

91、谦卑并不意味着多顾他人少顾自己,也不意味着承认自己是个无能之辈,而是意味着从根本上把自己置之度外。Humility does not mean more inconsiderate less myself, doesn't mean impotent admits that he is a, it means that fundamentally put himself out.

92、我的慷慨象海一样的浩渺,我的爱也象海一样深沉;我给你的越多,我自己也越是富有,因为这两者都是没有穷尽的。My generosity as boundless as the sea, my love is as deep as the sea; I give you the more, the more I rich, because both are there is no end.

93、如果痛苦换来的是结识真理、坚持真理,就应自觉的欣然承受,那时,也只有那时,痛苦才将化为幸福。If pains to make the truth, and stick to the truth, should be consciously willingly bear, then, and only then, will only pain into happiness.

94、爱情就像海滩上的贝壳不要拣最大的,也不要拣最漂亮的,要拣就拣自己最喜欢的,拣到了就永远不再去海滩。Love is like the shells on the beach don't pick the biggest, also don't pick the most beautiful, to pick just pick your favorite, jian arrive the would never go to the beach.

95、爱情是耗尽锐气的**,爱情是置意志于一炬的火焰,爱情是把人骗入泥潭的诱饵,爱情将剧毒抹在命运之神的箭上。Love is run out of momentum of passion, love is the will in a torch flame, love is a fool people into the quagmire of bait, love will be deadly poison on the fate of the arrow.

96、当爱情来临,当然也是快乐的。但是,这种快乐是要付出的,也要学习去接受失望,伤痛和离别。从此,人生不再纯粹。When love comes, of course, is also happy. However, this kind of happiness is to pay, also want to learn to accept disappointment, pain and leave. From then on, life no longer dinkum.

97、鸽子追逐着鹰隼,温柔的牝鹿追捕着猛虎;弱者追求勇者,结果总是徒劳无益的。然而我愿死在我所深爱的人手中,好让地狱化成了天宫。Pigeons chasing eagles, gentle roe hunt the tigers; The weak brave pursuit, the result is always in vain. But I want to die in the hands of someone I love, so that hell into the heaven.

98、穿掘着灵魂的深处,使人受了精神底苦刑而得到创伤,又即从这得伤和养伤和愈合中,得到苦的涤除,而上了苏生的路。In digging into the depths of the soul, make the person by the end of mental torture and trauma, and that is, from this injury and injury and healing, deleting get bitter, and on the Su Sheng way.

99、即使命运叫您在得到最后胜利之前碰着了不可躲避的死,我的爱!那时您就死。因为死就是成功,就是胜利。一切有我在,一切有爱在。Even if fate is you touched before get the final victory shall not escape death, my love! Then you will die. Because death is successful, is victory. All have me at, all with love.