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1. 英文优美的句子 短语 谚语 修辞 形容词 比喻 高考的

1.爱屋及乌 Love me, love my dog. 2.百闻不如一见 Seeing is believing.3.比上不足比下有余 worse off than some, better off than many; to fall short of the best, but be better than the worst. 4.笨鸟先飞 A slow sparrow should make an early start. 5.不眠之夜 white night 6.不以物喜不以己悲 not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personnal losses 7.不遗余力 spare no effort; go all out; do one's best 8.不打不成交 No discord, no concord. 9.拆东墙补西墙 rob Peter to pay Paul 10.辞旧迎新 bid farewell to the old and usher in the new; ring out the old year and ring in the new 11.大事化小小事化了 try first to make their mistake sound less serious and then to reduce it to nothing at all 12.大开眼界 open one's eyes; broaden one's horizon; be an eye-opener 13.国泰民安 The country flourishes and people live in peace 14.过犹不及 going too far is as bad as not going far enough; beyond is as wrong as falling short; too much is as bad as too little 15.功夫不负有心人 Everything comes to him who waits. 16.好了伤疤忘了疼 once on shore, one prays no more 17.好事不出门恶事传千里 Good news never goes beyond the gate, while bad news spread far and wide. 18.和气生财 Harmony brings wealth. 19.活到老学到老 One is never too old to learn. 20.既往不咎 let bygones be bygones 21.金无足赤人无完人 Gold can't be pure and man can't be perfect. 22.金玉满堂 Treasures fill the home. 23.脚踏实地 be down-to-earth 24.脚踩两只船 sit on the fence 25.君子之交淡如水 the friendship between gentlemen is as pure as crystal; a hedge between keeps friendship green 26.老生常谈陈词滥调 cut and dried, cliché 27.礼尚往来 Courtesy calls for reciprocity. 28.留得青山在不怕没柴烧 Where there is life, there is hope. 29.马到成功 achieve immediate victory; win instant success 30.名利双收 gain in both fame and wealth 31.茅塞顿开 be suddenly enlightened 32.没有规矩不成方圆 Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. 33.每逢佳节倍思亲 On festive occasions more than ever one thinks of one's dear ones far away.It is on the festival occasions when one misses his dear most. 34.谋事在人成事在天 The planning lies with man, the outcome with Heaven. Man proposes, God disposes. 35.弄巧成拙 be too smart by half; Cunning outwits itself 36.拿手好戏 masterpiece 37.赔了夫人又折兵 throw good money after bad 38.抛砖引玉 a modest spur to induce others to come forward with valuable contributions; throw a sprat to catch a whale 39.破釜沉舟 cut off all means of retreat;burn one's own way of retreat and be determined to fight to the end40.抢得先机 take the preemptive opportunities 41.巧妇难为无米之炊 If you have no hand you can't make a fist. One can't make bricks without straw.42.千里之行始于足下 a thousand-li journey begins with the first step--the highest eminence is to be gained step by step 43.前事不忘后事之师 Past experience, if not forgotten, is a guide for the future. 44.前人栽树后人乘凉 One generation plants the trees in whose shade another generation rests.One sows and another reaps. 45.前怕狼后怕虎 fear the wolf in front and the tiger behind hesitate in doing something 46.强龙难压地头蛇 Even a dragon (from the outside) finds it hard to control a snake in its old haunt - Powerful outsiders can hardly afford to neglect local bullies. 47.强强联手 win-win co-operation 48.瑞雪兆丰年 A timely snow promises a good harvest. 49.人之初性本善 Man's nature at birth is good. 50.人逢喜事精神爽 Joy puts heart into a man. 51.人海战术 huge-crowd strategy 52.世上无难事只要肯攀登 Where there is a will, there is a way. 53.世外桃源 a fictitious land of peace away from the turmoil of the world; 54.死而后已 until my heart stops beating 55.岁岁平安 Peace all year round. 56.上有天堂下有苏杭 Just as there is paradise in heaven, ther are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth 57.塞翁失马焉知非福 Misfortune may be an actual blessing. 58.三十而立 A man should be independent at the age of thirty.At thirty, a man should be able to think for himself. 59.升级换代 updating and upgrading (of products)60.四十不惑 Life begins at forty. 61.谁言寸草心报得三春晖 Such kindness of warm sun, can't be repaid by grass. 62.水涨船高 When the river rises, the boat floats high. 63.时不我待Time and tide wait for no man. 64.杀鸡用牛刀break a butterfly on the wheel 65.实事求是seek truth from facts; be practical and realistic; be true to facts 66.说曹操,曹操到Talk of the devil and he comes. 67.实话实说speak the plain truth; call a spade a spade; tell it as it is 68.实践是检验真理的唯一标准Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. 69.山不在高,有仙则名'No matter how high the mountain is, its 。

2. 求很多地道的英文修辞句

首先向你推荐本书 我们的教材蓝色的‘'一、明喻(simile)是以两种具有相同特征的事物和现象进行对比,表明本体和喻体之间的相似关系,两者都在对比中出现。

常用比喻词like, as, as if, as though等,例如: 1、This elephant is like a snake as anybody can see. 这头象和任何人见到的一样像一条蛇。 2、He looked as if he had just stepped out of my book of fairytales and had passed me like a spirit. 他看上去好像刚从我的童话故事书中走出来,像幽灵一样从我身旁走过去。

3、It has long leaves that sway in the wind like slim fingers reaching to touch something. 它那长长的叶子在风中摆动,好像伸出纤细的手指去触摸什么东西似的。 二、隐喻(metaphor)这种比喻不通过比喻词进行,而是直接将用事物当作乙事物来描写,甲乙两事物之间的联系和相似之处是暗含的。

1、German guns and German planes rained down bombs, shells and bullets。 德国人的枪炮和飞机将炸弹、炮弹和子弹像暴雨一样倾泻下来。

2、The diamond department was the heart and center of the store. 钻石部是商店的心脏和核心。 三、提喻(synecdoche)又称举隅法,主要特点是局部代表全体,或以全体喻指部分,或以抽象代具体,或以具体代抽象。

例如: 1、The Great Wall was made not only of stones and earth, but of the flesh and blood of millions of men. 长城不仅是用石头和土建造的,而且是用几百万人的血和肉建成的。 句中的“the flesh and blood”喻为“the great sacrifice”(巨大的牺牲) 2、“。

saying that it was the most beautiful tongue in the world,。” ……他说这是世界上最美的语言。

这里用具体的“tongue”代替抽象的“language”。 4、Many eyes turned to a tall,20—year black girl on the U.S. team. 很多人将眼光投向美国队一个高高的20岁的黑姑娘。

这里的“many eyes”代替了“many persons”。 四、拟人(personification)这种修辞方法是把人类的特点、特性加于外界事物之上,使之人格化,以物拟人,以达到彼此交融,合二为一。

1、She may have tens of thousand of babies in one summer.(From“ Watching Ants”) 一个夏天她可能生育成千上万个孩子。 这里用“she”和“babies”把蜜蜂比作人类妇女的生育。

2、My only worry was that January would find me hunting for a job again. 我唯一担心的是,到了一月份我又得去找工作。 英语里常把“年”“月”“日”人格化,赋以生命,使人们读起来亲切生动。

五、夸张(hyperbole)这是运用丰富的想象,过激的言词,渲染和装饰客观事物,以达到强调的效果。 1、My blood froze. 我的血液都凝固了。

2、When I told our father about this,his heart burst. 当我将这件事告诉我们的父亲时,他的心几乎要迸出来。 3、My heart almost stopped beating when I heard my daughter'svoice on the phone. 从电话里一听到我女儿的声音,我的心几乎停止跳动。

六、叠言(rhetorical repetition)这种修辞法是指在特定的语境中,将相同的结构,相同意义词组成句子重叠使用,以增强语气和力量。 1、It must be created by the blood and the work of all of us who believe in the future, who believe in man and his glorious man—made destiny. 它必须用我们这些对于未来,对于人类以及人类自己创造的伟大命运具有信心的人的鲜血和汗水去创造。

2、。 Because good technique in medicine and surgery means more quickly—cured patients, less pain, less discomfort, less death, less disease and less deformity. 因为优良的医疗技术和外科手术意味着更快地治疗病人,更少痛苦,更少不安,更少死亡,更少疾病,和更少残废。

七、借代(metonymy)是指两种不同事物并不相似,但又密不可分,因而常用其中一种事物名称代替另一种。 1、Several years later, word came that Napoleonyh himself was coming to inspect them。

几年以后,他们听说拿破仑要亲自来视察他们。 “word”在这里代替了“news, information”(消息、信息) 2、Al spoke with his eyes,“yes”. 艾尔用眼睛说,“是的”。

“说”应该是嘴的功能,这里实际上是用眼神表达了“说话的意思”。 八、双关语(pun)是以一个词或词组,用巧妙的办法同时把互不关联的两种含义结合起来,以取得一种诙谐有趣的效果。

Napoleon was astonished.”Either you are mad, or I am,”he declared. “Both,sir!”cried the Swede proudly. “Both”一词一语双关,既指拿破仑和这位士兵都是疯子,又指这位战士参加过拿破仑指挥的两次战役。 九、拟声(onomatcpocia)是摹仿自然界中非语言的声音,其发音和所描写的事物的声音很相似,使语言显得生动,富有表现力。

1、On the root of the school house some pigeons were softly cooing. 在学校房屋的屋顶上一些鸽子正轻轻地咕咕叫着。 2、She brought me into touch with everything that could be reached or felt——sunlight, the rustling of silk, the noises of insects, the creaking of a door, the voice of a loved one. 她使我接触到所有够得着的或者感觉得到的东西,如阳光呀。

3. 【排比修辞手法的句子】

1、桂林的山真奇啊,像老人,像巨象,像骆驼,奇峰罗列,形态万千.(排比)2、天上的云像峰峦,像河流,像雄狮,像奔马.( 排比)3、夜幕四合,周围的群山,像高大的山神,像神秘的古堡,像沮丧的巨人,像一条连绵不断的地毯.(排比)4、远处的霓虹灯亮了,像一道亮丽的彩虹,像仙女飘舞的裙带,像一座七彩小桥,像一朵朵耀眼,绚丽的云.(排比)5、像鹅毛,像芦花,像棉絮的大雪降落下来.(排比)6、爱心是一片照射在冬日的阳光,使贫病交迫的人感到人间的温暖;爱心是一泓出现在沙漠里的泉水,使濒临绝境的人重新看到生活的希望;爱心是一首飘荡在夜空的歌谣,使孤苦无依的人获得心灵的慰藉.(排比)7、漓江的水真静啊,静得让你感觉不到它在流动;漓江的水真清啊,清得可以看见江底的沙石;漓江的水真绿啊,绿得仿佛那是一块无瑕的翡翠,(排比)8、火烧云变化多端,一会儿像狮子,一会儿像小狗,一会儿像骏马.,(排比)。

4. 英文的比喻句和描写风景的句子




























5. 英语用了拟人手法的句子

My rocking chair was making noises all night; it's getting very old.

The flower was very pretty, it smiled at me and its perfume had such a nice smell.

The Earth keeps on turning and turning, I wonder when it will stop.

My computer is protesting about how I'm using it too much.

In the winter when I am standing outside, my teeth keep on protesting how it's so cold.

The apple was too sour, my teeth didn't like it.

The journey was very long, my feet got very tired.

One day I was packing for my trip, but I couldn't fit everything into my suitcase; I bet my suitcase would start crying if I stuff it anymore.

When I was little I always talked to the maple tree beside my home every time when I felt sad; the tree always nodded its leaves in understanding.

I have always wished that I can fly freely like the clouds; the clouds much be enjoying their freedom very much.

College is a comma of a sentence of life.