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1. 英语高级句型

1. 主语+否定谓语,not + 同前主语 用语加强否定语气。

I'll not do such a thing, not I. He won't break his word, not he. Tom can't speak Russian, not he. 2. 主语+否定谓语+much less/still less +词组或从句 用语进一步否定。 I could not assent to, much less participate in such proceedings. He doesn't like music, still less/much less dancing. I didn't even see him, still less/much less shake hands with him. 3. 主语+否定谓语+to say nothing of/not to speak of/not to mention +名词 主语+否定谓语+let alone+名词或从句 用语进一步否定。

He doesn't know English, to say nothing of German or French. I don't know algebra or geometry, not to mention calculus. I never thought of it, let alone (much less/still less) did I do it. 4. 半否定词+or/if+否定代词或副词 表示半否定或让步否定。 Few, however, if any, besides the King himself, believed that Hermione was quilty. I saw little or nothing of him after you were gone. She seldom or never (if ever) made a mistake. Peter read little or nothing (little if anything) in summer vacation. Mr. Morris seldom or never went out. 5. 主语+cannot + but/choose but/help but +动词原型 意为“不得不,别无选择”。

I cannot but admire his courage. We can't (choose) but admit that in certain aspects of science and technology they are ahead of us. We can't but read books to increase our knowledge. 6. (There be)No+主语+but+谓语+其它 双重否定表示强烈之肯定。 (其中but 相当于who。

not, that。not, which。

not) There is no man but has his faults. (There is no man who doesn't have his faults. There is no man without faults. All men have faults.) (There is) Nobody but has his faults. There is no rule but has exceptions. There is nobody but knows this matter. 7. A分句(否定)+ but + B分句(肯定) 借否定来强调肯定。 It never rains but pours. She never comes but she brings us something to eat. They never met but they fought. 8. 主语+be + the last + 名词+从句/to do He is the last person to say that. You are the last woman that I want to marry. That is the last place where I expected to have met you. Lying is the last thing that he is likely to do. II. 判断句 9. 主语+can't+谓语+too+形容词/副词 表示强烈之肯定。

You can't read too much/ many books. We can't be too careful. Nobody can have too many friends. She can never have too many dresses. 10. 主语+谓语+no other than/none other than/ none but+宾语/表语 强调判断句。 The man was no other than John. We depend on none but ourselves. 11. 主语+be nothing +else but/else than/less than+表语 强调判断句。

He is nothing but a paper tiger. The situation is nothing else but/than fine. That is nothing less than a miracle. Genius is nothing but labor and diligence. 12. 主语+be not A, but B./ 主语+be +B+ and (but) not A. 选择判断句。 I am very ill, not bodily, but mentally. The tragedy is not in not knowing, but in not knowing that you don't know. It is yours, and not mine. It is not mine, but yours. 13. (It is) Not that A + but that B. 选择判断句。

It is not that I dislike the work, but that I have no time. Not that we are afraid of Americans, but that they are afraid of us. It is not heroes that make history, but history that makes heroes, and that, consequently, it is not heroes who create a people, but the people who create heroes and more history onward. 14. So far from being 。, 主语+谓语 选择判断句。

So far from being a help, he is a hindrance. So far from being ashamed of it, he takes pride in it. So far from being true, the news is false. 15. 主语+be + less A than B./ 主语+be+ more B than A. 比较判断句。 Experience shows that success is due less to ability than to zeal. It is even more a picture that a poem. He is more shy than (he is) unsocial. He is more angry (not angrier) than frightened. 。

2. 英语高级句式求助

My hometown suffered from flood two years ago,as a result,the property of the inhabitants was swallowed up.


A flood smited my hometown two years ago,which swallowed the property of the inhabitants up.

3. 英语作文中的高级词汇


4. 有没有英语六级作文常用句型


你可以去这里自己看看 一至七条为图表句型. 一. 上升增长 1.…add up to… 增加了 eg. The total amount of … added up to 14 billion pounds(14%) in 1994. 2. to jump to / to soar to.. 一跃达到/ 猛增到… eg. The total working days lost soared to 10 million in 1979. 3.…an increase of about…percent as compared with.. 与…相比大约增加了… eg. In August as many as 39 car accidents were reported, indicating an increase of about 79% as compared with the number of January. 4.…to experience an increase/incline …有了增长 eg. Tobacco consumption is experiencing an incline. 二. 下降,减少 1.…to sink/drop/reduce to… 减少到… eg. The rate of strikes sank/dropped to the lowest point in 1979. 2.…to experience a decrease/decline …有了减少 eg. Tobacco consumption is experiencing a decrease. 注意: 修饰上升/减少的副词有: rapidly slowly dramatically respectively 表达上升/减少的最后状态的词有: the highest peak the lowest point 10 million 10% 三. 起伏 1.…to go up and down …起伏不定 eg. The strike rate went up and down during the period from 1952 to 1967. 2.There be ups and downs …有起有伏 eg. Between 1972 and 1979, there were several ups and downs in (某方面). 四. 稳定 1.…to remain steady/level/unchanged …保持稳定,几乎不变 eg. The rate of …remained steady (fairly level/almost unchanged) during the four years from 1963 to 1967. 2.…to level off (vi.) eg. After a steady decline for a whole decade, the …rate shows signs of leveling off. 注意: 修饰起伏或稳定状态的副词有: almost fairly 可以用于表达起伏,稳定状态的句子中的词组或句型: the general situation was not worsening show indications of improvement it can be predicted that… eg. The rate of …remained steady during the four years from 1963 to 1967,and it can be predicted that the general situation was not worsening. eg. The rate of …remained steady during the four years from 1963 to 1967,showing signs of improvement in … 五. 成正比,反比 1.…be in direct /inverse ratio to/with 与…成正比/反比 eg. Male illustrations are in direct ratio to /with the advancement of grades, while female illustrations are in inverse ratio. 六. 占百分之几,几分之几 1….to form/comprise/make up/constitute ….percent …占百分之… eg. Women comprise more than 50% of the US.population. eg. Females make up only 24% of the illustrations whereas males constitute 76%. 2.…to form/comprise/constitute a half/third/fourth of……占…的1/2,1/3,1/4 eg. Female illustrions form less than a fourth of the total. 3.…account for…percent 占百分之几 eg. ……, accounting for approximately 20 percent of… 七. 倍数 1.A be …times as much/many as B eg. The annual rainfall of Hunan is 5 times as much as that of Sichuan. 2.A doubles/is half/triples B A是B的两倍,一半,三倍 eg. The annual rainfall of Jidda doubles that of Janta, but is only half the amount of rain Kuwait receives each year. 附一 圆盘比例型图表 例: 一个圆盘显示了大学生在food, books, transportations, entertainment, clothes, unknown中的开销,它们各自占的比例依次是60%,3%,5%,10%,10%,12%,要求你描叙这个圆盘图。 描述: The above pie chart consists of 6 segments, the largest one representing food, which accounts for 60% of the total. Clothes and entertainment each takes up 10%. 5% goes to transportation and 3% books. All the rest expenses, 12% of all ,is spend on unknown items. 总结写作模式: …pie chart consists of…segments, the largest one representing…,which accounts for …of the total.…each takes up….…goes to….All the rest…, …of all,……. .。

5. 怎么积累高级英语句式


2010年考研大作文中的题目为“文化融合”,在写作的时候,可以用cultural blending或cultural integration来替换a combination of diverse cultures.多元文化可以用multi—culture, pluralistic culture,进行同义替换,这样使用不同的表达方式,一者避免了语言的重复,二者使词汇更加多样化。


2001年大作文为“爱心是一盏灯,在越黑暗的地方越明亮”。在这篇作文中,通过这篇图画我们可以看出:爱心是一盏灯,给最最需要帮助的人们,对应的英文表达是:the picture means that love is more needed by people in urgent need of help.实际上,我们可以用illustrate, demonstrate, point out, convey, reveal等来替代mean。


2010年大作文中表示不同的文化,我们可以用various, diverse, a variety of, miscellaneous等来替换different。


比如考研英语2005年关于养老足球比赛的大作文中,as a result, the old are neglected and even abandoned when growing weak and helpless(when+现在分词做时间状语)。Consequently, the old are neglected, and even worse, abandoned when they are becoming weak and helpless.运用不同的句子表达方式可以使句子呈现多样性,抓住阅卷老师的眼球。

在作文的最后一段,往往需要阐述个人的观点或者提出建议,这些表达有:in my opinion, as far as my view is concerned, with regard to my thinking, personally thinking, for my part, in line with my consideration.