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1. 描写父爱的英文句子

Distance makes the hearts grow fonder.


My son,i want to tell you that to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. I love you.


2. 关于母爱的英文句子带翻译

关于母爱的英文句子1、A mother 's love never changes. 母爱永不移。

2、Nothing can replace a mother's love. 什麽都无法取代母爱。3、Nothing approaches the love of a mother for her child. 没有东西可以和母爱相比4、Maternal love is the greatest force in the world. 母爱是世间最伟大的力量。

5、When successful, who are friends. But only his mother --- she was a partner at the time of failure. 成功的时候,谁都是朋友。但只有母亲———她是失败时的伴侣。

重点词语解释:mother英 [?m?e?(r)] 美 [?m?e?] n. 母亲,妈妈;女修道院院长;大娘vt. 像母亲般地照顾;养育;溺爱例句:She sat on the edge of her mother's bed 她坐在母亲床边。love英 [l?v] 美 [l?v] vt.& vi. 喜欢;爱,热爱;爱戴;赞美,称赞vt. 喜欢;喜爱;喜好;爱慕n. 热爱;爱情,爱意;疼爱;爱人,所爱之物例句:Our love for each other has been increased by what we've been through together.我们共同经历了这些风风雨雨后,彼此更加相爱了。

3. 关于亲情 母爱的英文语句

Mother's Hands 母亲的手 by Janie Emaus As teenagers we live in a different world from our mothers, a world where mothers hang out on the peripheries. Of course, almost everyone has one; they are unavoidable annoyances. Today, as I approach that edge, as I am the one with the teenage daughter, I look at my mother through different eyes. And I sometimes wish I could halt the years and stop her from growing older, stop her from repeating herself. 作为孩子,我们生活在和母亲不同的世界里,生活在一个由母亲监控的世界里。

当然,几乎每个人都有一个这样的世界,这是不可避免的烦恼。 现在,当我也处在监控的位置上,当我也成为一个女孩的母亲时,我开始从另一个角度来看我的母亲。

有时候,我希望自己能够让时间停止,让我的母亲不再变得衰老,让她不再一遍遍地唠叨。 We sit at my kitchen table as the sun designs a mosaic of light on the tile floor. My daughter, Anna, sits next to my mother. "When is Rick going to be here?" my mother asks, referring to my husband. "I don't know, Mom," I answer patiently. "He'll be here for dinner." 我们坐在餐桌旁边,阳光照在地板上,形成马赛克状的光斑。

我的女儿安娜就坐在我母亲旁边。 “瑞克什么时候来?”母亲问。

瑞克是我的丈夫。 “我不知道,妈妈,”我耐心地回答,“他会来这儿吃饭。”

I sigh and get up from the table. This is at least the tenth time she has asked that question in as many minutes. While my mother and daughter play Monopoly, I busy myself making a salad. "Don't put in any onions," Mom says. "You know how Daddy hates onions." 我叹了口气,站起身来。不大一会工夫,她已经问了不下十遍了。

妈妈和女儿在玩强手棋,我则忙着做沙拉。 “别放洋葱,”妈妈说,“你知道你爸爸有多讨厌洋葱。”

"Yes, Mom," I answer, shoving the scallions back into the fridge. I scrub off a carrot and chop it into bite-size pieces. I thrust the knife into the carrot with more force than is necessary. A slice falls onto the floor. “好的,妈妈。”我回答道,顺手把洋葱又塞进冰箱。


有一片罗卜掉到了地上。 "Don't put any onions in the salad," she reminds me. "You know how Daddy hates onions." This time I can't answer. I just keep cutting. Chopping. Tearing. If only I could chop away the years. Shred the age from my mother's face and hands. “沙拉里一点洋葱也不要放,”她提醒我,“你知道你爸爸有多讨厌洋葱。”

这次我没有回答。 我只是不停地切着、剁着、流着泪。


My mother had been beautiful. She still is. In fact, my mother is still everything she has been, just a bit forgetful. I try to convince myself that's all that it is, and if she really concentrated, she would not repeat herself so much. There isn't anything wrong with her. 母亲一直都很漂亮。现在也是。


她并没有什么毛病。 I cut off the end of the cucumber and rub it against the stalk to take away the bitterness. The white juice oozes out the sides. Wouldn't it be nice if all unpleasant situations could be so easily remedied? Cut and rub. This is a trick I have learned from my mother, along with a trillion other things: cooking, sewing, dating, laughing, thinking. I learned how to grow up. I learned the art of sorting through emotions. 我切下黄瓜的一端,用它在黄瓜上摩擦以消除苦味。



And I learned that when my mother was around, I never had to be afraid. So why am I afraid now? 而且我知道,只要母亲在旁边,没有什么东西可以让我害怕。 那么,现在我为什么害怕呢? I study my mother's hands. Her nails are no longer a bright red, but painted a light pink, almost no color at all. And as I stare at them, I realize I am no longer looking at those hands but feeling them as they shaped my youth. Hands that packed a thousand lunches and wiped a million tears off my cheeks. Hands that tucked confidence into each day of my life. 我仔细端详母亲的手。


这是一双为我装过成千上万次午餐,无数次从我的脸颊擦去泪水的手,是一双在我生命中的每一天都给我信心的手。 I turn away and throw the cucumber into the bowl. And then it hits me. My 。

4. 跪求一篇关于对父母的爱的英语作文

Live with thankfulness

Do you know Thanksgiving Day?Do you know why human thank God?

Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November, a different date every year. The President must proclaim that date as the official celebration.

Thanksgiving is a time for tradition and sharing. Even if they live far away, family members gather for a reunion at the house of an older relative. All give thanks together for the good things that they have.

In this spirit of sharing, civic groups and charitable organizations offer a traditional meal to those in need, particularly the homeless. On most tables throughout the United States, foods eaten at the first thanksgiving have become traditional.

What should we thank?

The thankful great universe provides the environment of existence for us and give us sunlight, air, water and everything in keeping with we existence of space, bring storm to let us accept to toughen for us, bring to us mysterious let us look for.

The thankful parents give us the life, make us feel the merriment of the human life, feel the genuine feeling of the human life, feel the comity of the human life, feel happiness of the human life, also feel hardships and pain and sufferings of the human life!

The thankful teacher works with diligence and without fatigue everyday of teach, give us knowledge ability, put on the wing which flies toward the ideal for us.

The thankful classmate and friend grows up road of, let I no longer standing alone in the itinerary of life;The with gratitude is frustrated and let us become in a time the failure stronger.

5. 求一篇关于父母的爱的英语短文,最少8句话,急

In my memory, my parents have never done anything so I feel that there is between them "love" this kind of thing matters. Them together as if in order to together, or to let me. Between them did not like the so-called "love." Their are a lot of things when I know they quarrel。