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1. 英语作文万能模版和句子、

Nowadays, “1”has become a matter of great concern of the general public in our society, especially for those who are confronted with this problem. There are, as is vividly depicted in the picture, 2 . 3 .This is something we should give more thought to.

The picture are thought-provoking, and what it illustrate is a common phenomenon in today's society: ④ . ⑤ . Hence, ⑥ , as is shown in the picture given above.

Therefore, it is imperative for us to take drastic measur to improve the situations. In the first place, us should to appeal to government to set up a foundation toward those who do much to protect forest resources ⑦. second, those who cut down trees in a forest a random⑧ deserve to be punished by the law. Last but least ,it is necessary to encourage city-residents to plant as many trees as possible in and around the city⑨.We are looking forward to a much better and brighter future.


1 总结图画主题,一般可以用and或or连接两个名词。注意英语喜欢用名词作标题类的内容。

2 描述图画内容。

3 根据个人描述能力,如果2句中描述已经够了,可以不写。

④ 点出图画喻意。

⑤ 展开喻意,也是这个模块中,唯一需要完全由自己在考场上写的句子。

⑥ 再次总结、强调喻意。

⑦ 根据图画内容,改写who引导的从句。

⑧ 根据图画内容,改写who引导的从句。

⑨ 根据图画内容,改写主语和谓语。


第一,如果是图表作文,2 句型不变,增加一句“some important change taken place in the past several years”,表示变化趋势。

第二,如果需要举例,在第二段增加一句:“for example, as report in daily newspaper and on TV news,……”

第三,如果需要列举原因,在第二段第二句增加:“There were some possible reasons for……”


2. 英语作文万能句子,跪求实用,简单无所谓

一、英语书信的常见写作模板 开头部分: How nice to hear from you again. Let me tell you something about the activity. I'm glad to have received your letter of Apr. 9th. I'm pleased to hear that you're coming to China for a visit. I'm writing to thank you for your help during my stay in America. 结尾部分: With best wishes. I'm looking forward to your reply. I'd appreciate it if you could reply earlier. 二、口头通知常见写作模板 呼语及开场白部分: Ladies and gentlemen, May I have your attention, please? I have an announcement to make. 正文部分: All the teachers and students are required to attend it. Please take your notebooks and make notes. Please listen carefully and we'll have a discussion in groups. Please come on time and don't be late. 结束语部分: Please come and join in it. Everybody is welcome to attend it. I hope you'll have a nice time here. That's all. Thank you. 三、议论文模板 1.正反观点式议论文模板 导入: 第1段:Recently we've had a discussion about whether we should。

(导入话题) Our opinions are divided on this topic.(观点有分歧) 正文: 第2段:Most of the students are in favour of it.(正方观点) Here are the reasons. First。 Second。

Finally。(列出2~3个赞成的理由) 第3段:However, the others are strongly against it. (反方观点) Their reasons are as follows. In the first place。

What's more。 In addition。

(列出2~3个反对的理由) 结论: 第4段:Personally speaking, the advantages overweigh the disadvantages, for it will do us more harm than good, so I support it.(个人观点) オ 2.“A或者B”类议论文模板: 导入: 第1段: Some people hold the opinion that A is superior to B in many ways. Others, however, argue that B is much better. Personally, I would prefer A because I think A has more advantages. 正文: 第2段:There are many reasons why I prefer A. The main reason is that 。 Another reason is that。

(赞同A的原因) 第3段: Of course, B also has advantages to some extent。 (列出1~2个B的优势) 结论: 第4段: But if all these factors are considered, A is much better than B. From what has been discussed above, we may finally draw the conclusion that 。

(得出结论) 3.观点论述类议论文模板: 导入: 第1段:提出一种现象或某个决定作为议论的话题 As a student, I am strongly in favour of the decision. (亮明自己的观点是赞成还是反对) The reasons for this may be listed as follows. (过渡句,承上启下) 正文: 第2段:First of all。 Secondly。

Besides。(列出2~3个赞成或反对的理由) 结论: 第3段:In conclusion, I believe that。

(照应第1段,构成"总—分—总"结构) 4."How to"类议论文模板: 导入: 第1段:提出一种现象或某种困难作为议论的话题 正文: 第2段: Many ways can help to solve this serious problem, but the following may be most effective. First of all。 Another way to solve the problem is 。

Finally。(列出2~3个解决此类问题的办法) 结论: 第3段:These are not the best but the only two/ three measures we can take. But it should be noted that we should take action to。

(强调解决此类问题的根本方法) 四、图表作文写作模板 The chart gives us an overall picture of the 图表主题. The first thing we notice is that 图表最大特点 . This means that as (进一步说明). We can see from the statistics given that 图表细节一 . After 动词-ing 细节一中的第一个变化, the动词-ed+幅度+时间(紧跟着的变化) . The figures also tell us that图表细节二 . In the column, we can see that accounts for (进一步描述). Judging from these figures, we can draw the conclusion that (结论). The reason for this, as far as I am concerned is that (给出原因). / It is high time that we (发出倡议). 五、图画类写作模板: 1.开头 Look at this picture./The picture shows that。/From this picture, we can see。

/As is shown in the picture。/As is seen in the picture。

2.衔接句 As we all know, 。/As is known to all,。

/It is well known that。/In my opinion,。

/As far as I am concerned,。/This sight reminds me of something in my daily life. 3.结尾句 In conclusion。

/In brief。/On the whole。

/In short。/In a word。

/Generally speaking。/As has been stated。

3. 英语作文万能模板有哪些

一.用于作文开头的万能模板 1、Many people insist that。

很多人(坚持)认为…… 这句话乍看没亮点,但将众人皆知的"think"换为"insist"有没有觉得高大上了许多? 2、With the development of science and technology, more and more people believe that。随着科技的发展,越来越多的人认为…… 3、A lot of people seem to think that。

很多人似乎认为…… 二.引出不同观点的万能模板 1、People's views on。 vary from person to person. Some hold that。

. However, others believe that。.人们对……的观点因人而异。

有些人认为。..然而其他人却认为…… 看这个长度就已然鹤立鸡群。

其实,也是一个蛮简单也好记的模板。 2、Attitudes towards (drugs) vary from person to person. 人们对待吸毒的态度因人而异。

乍一看,跟上句的开头神似,其实就是省略掉了"people's",不仅清爽而且好像高端了一些。 3、People may have different opinions on。

人们对……可能会有不同的见解。 又是一个婉转的句子,展示其客观性。

4、There are different opinions among people as to。关于……人们的观点大不相同。

"different"虽拉低了水准,但"as to"又拯救了回来。 5、Different people hold different attitudes toward (failure).对(失败)人们的态度各不相同。

这句话貌似亮点不多,顶多一个"hold",但也是安全牌,容易理解。 三.得出最终结论的万能模板 1、Taking all these factors into consideration, we naturally come to the conclusion that。

把所有这些因素加以考虑,我们自然会得出结论…… 很完全的答法,"take sth into consideration"短语的应用,加分。 2、Taking into account all these factors, we may reasonably come to the conclusion that。

考虑所有这些因素,我们可能会得出合理的结论…… "Take into account sth"短语似乎又比上句的"take sth into consideration"提升了一个层次。 3、Hence/Therefore, we'd better come to the conclusion that。



再特意提一句:"we'd better"在这里不是“不得不”或“最好”的意思,而是一种自然而然,水到渠成的得出结论。 4、There is no doubt that (job-hopping) has its drawbacks as well as merits.毫无疑问,跳槽有优点也有缺点。

短语"there is no doubt that"上线,同时运用我们的老朋友"as well as"增加看点。 5、All in all, we cannot live without。

But at the same time we must try to find out new ways to cope with the problems that would arise.总之,我们没有……是无法生活的。但同时,我们必须寻求新的解决办法来对付可能出现的新问题。

这句话一般用于作文结尾,属万能句式,句式较为简单,方便操作。 四.提出最终建议的万能模板 1、It is high time that we put an end to the (trend).该是我们停止这一趋势的时候了。

"It is high time" 打头,为该句增色。注:that 后跟虚拟语气,后跟动词的一般过去式,表示“是某人做。


的时候了” 2、It is time to take the advice of 。

and to put special emphasis on the improvement of 。该是采纳……的建议,并对……的进展给予非常重视的时候了。

去掉一个"high",画风完全不一样,不用过去式,只需用"to do"来替代。 3、There is no doubt that enough concern must be paid to the problem of 。

毫无疑问,对……问题应予以足够的重视。 "there is no doubt that"+被动还是蛮经典的组合。

4、Obviously,。. If we want to do something。

, it is essential that。显然,如果我们想做某事,我们需要…… 这句有些老生常谈,稍微不“常”的就是"essential" 替代了"important"。

5、Only in this way can we。 只有这样,我们才能。

Only+倒装,经典万能句式,还能看出点水平呢。 6、It must be realized that。

我们必须意识到。 把人人都会的"I realized"升格为被动语态,省略了主语,监考老师绝对会眼前一亮的! 五.英语四级作文预示后果万能模板 1、Obviously, if we don't control the problem, the chances are that。

will lead us in danger.很明显,如果我们不能控制这一问题,很有可能我们会陷入危险。 "the chances are that"替代了"may",果然说话拐弯的生物不止是中国人。

2、No doubt, unless we take effective measures, it is very likely that。毫无疑问,除非我们采取有效措施,否则很可能会…… 作文结尾万用句,毫无破绽。

3、It is urgent that immediate measures should be taken to stop the situation.应立即采取措施阻止这一事态的发展。 "It is urgent that"+被动,效果不错滴。

4. 英语高考万能句子,或者万能作文模版

1. 开头万能公式一:名人名言 有人问了,“我没有记住名言,怎么办?尤其是英语名言?”,很好办:编! 原理:我们看到的东西很多都是创造出来的,包括我们欣赏的文章也是,所以尽管编,但是一定要听起来很有道理呦!而且没准将来我们就是名人呢!对吧? 经典句型: A proberb says, “ You are only young once.” (适用于已记住的名言) It goes without saying that we cannot be young forever. (适用于自编名言) 更多经典句型: As everyone knows, No one can deny that… 2. 开头万能公式二:数字统计 原理:要想更有说服力,就应该用实际的数字来说明。

原则上在议论文当中十不应该出现虚假数字的,可是在考试的时候哪管那三七二十一,但编无妨,只要我有东西写就万事大吉了。所以不妨试用下面的句型: According to a recent survey, about 78.9% of the college students wanted to further their study after their graduation. 看起来这个数字文邹邹的,其实都是编造出来的,下面随便几个题目我们都可以这样编造: Honesty 根据最近的一项统计调查显示,大学生向老师请假的理由当中78%都是假的。

Travel by Bike 根据最近的一项统计调查显示,85%的人在近距离旅行的时候首选的交通工具是自行车。 Youth 根据最近的一项统计调查显示,在某个大学,学生的课余时间的70%都是在休闲娱乐。

Five-day Work Week Better than Six-day Work? 根据最近的一项统计调查显示,98%的人同意每周五天工作日。 更多句型: A recent statistics shows that … 写作绝招 结尾万能公式: 1. 结尾万能公式一:如此结论 说完了,毕竟要归纳一番,相信各位都有这样的经历,领导长篇大论,到最后终于冒出个“总而言之”之类的话,我们马上停止开小差,等待领导说结束语。

也就是说,开头很好,也必然要有一个精彩的结尾,让读者眼前一亮,这样,你就可以拿高分了!比如下面的例子: Obviously(此为过渡短语), we can draw the conclusion that good manners arise from politeness and respect for others. 如果读者很难“显而见之”,但说无妨,就当读者的眼光太浅罢了! 更多过渡短语: to sum up, in conclusion, in brief, on account of this, thus 更多句型: Thus, it can be concluded that…, Therefore, we can find that… 2. 结尾万能公式二:如此建议 如果说“如此结论”是结尾最没用的废话,那么“如此建议”应该是最有价值的废话了,因为这里虽然也是废话,但是却用了一个很经典的虚拟语气的句型。拽! Obviously, it is high time that we took some measures to solve the problem. 这里的虚拟语气用得很经典,因为考官本来经常考这个句型,而如果我们自己写出来,你说考官会怎么想呢?更多句型: Accordingly, I recommend that some measures be taken. Consequently, to solve the problem, some measures should be taken. 写作绝招 写作的“七项基本原则”: 一、长 短 句原则 工作还得一张一驰呢,老让读者读长句,累死人!写一个短小精辟的句子,相反,却可以起到画龙点睛的作用。

而且如果我们把短句放在段首或者段末,也可以揭示主题: Asa creature, I eat; as a man, I read. Although one action is to meet theprimary need of my body and the other is to satisfy the intellectualneed of mind, they are in a way quite similar. 如此可见,长短句结合,抑扬顿挫,岂不爽哉?牢记! 强烈建议:在文章第一段(开头)用一长一短,且先长后短;在文章主体部分,要先用一个短句解释主要意思,然后在阐述几个要点的时候采用先短后长的句群形式,定会让主体部分妙笔生辉!文章结尾一般用一长一短就可以了。 二、主 题 句原则 国有其君,家有其主,文章也要有其主。

否则会给人造成“群龙无首”之感!相信各位读过一些破烂文学,故意把主体隐藏在文章之内,结果造成我们稀里糊涂!不知所云!所以奉劝各位一定要写一个主题句,放在文章的开头(保险型)或者结尾,让读者一目了然,必会平安无事! 特别提示:隐藏主体句可是要冒险的! To begin with, you must work hard at your lessons and be fully prepared before the exam(主题句). Without sufficient preparation, you can hardly expect to answer all the questions correctly. 三、一 二 三原则 领导讲话总是第一部分、第一点、第二点、第三点、第二部分、第一点… 如此罗嗦。可毕竟还是条理清楚。


1)first, second, third, last(不推荐,原因:俗) 2)firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally(不推荐,原因:俗) 3)the first, the second, the third, the last(不推荐,原因:俗) 4)in the first place, in the second place, in the third place, lastly(不推荐,原因:俗) 5)to begin with, then, furthermore, finally(强烈推荐) 6)to start with, next, in addition, finally(强烈推荐) 7)first and foremost, besides, last but not least(强烈推荐) 8)most important of all, moreover, finally 9)on the on。

5. 高考英语作文万能句子

万能英语作文模板(I)说明原因型模块(一)Nowadays ,there are more and more XX in some big cities . It is estimated that ( 1 ).Why have there been so many XX ? Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows.The first one is that ( 2 ) .Besides,( 3 ) . The third reason is ( 4 ).To sum up ,the main cause of XX is due to ( 5 ) .It is high time that something were done upon it. For one thing ,( 6 ).On the other hand ,( 7 ). All these measures will certainly reduce the number of XX .注释:(1)用具体数据说明XX现象(2)原因一(3)原因二(4)原因三(5)指出主要原因(6)解决建议一(7)解决建议二Generation gap between parents and childrenNowadays , there are more and more misunderstanding between parents and children which is so- called generation gap . It is estimated that (75 percentages of parents often complain their children's unreasonable behavior while children usually think their parents too old fashioned).Why have there been so much misunderstanding between parents and children?Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows . The first one is that ( the two generations, having grown up at different times, have different likes and dislikes ,thus the disagreement often rises between them) . Besides(due to having little in common to talk about , they are not willing to sit face to face ) . The third reason is (with the pace of modern life becoming faster and faster , both of them are so busy with their work or study that they don/'t spare enough time to exchange ideas ).To sum up ,the main cause of XX is due to ( lake of communication and understanding each other) .It is high time that something were done upon it. For one thing (children shouldrespect their parents ).On the other hand ,( parents also should show solicitue fortheir children). All these measures will certainly bridge the generation gap .模块(2)(I)说明原因型In recent years , xx has caused a heated debate on ( 1 ). The factors for ( 2 ) .First of all ,( 3 ).Then , there comes a case that ( 4 ). Moreover , ( 5 ) . Especially when ( 6 ) .Indeed, these unique points can be collected theo remind people that ( 7 ).In this way ,we should behave just like ( 8 ).The impact of TelevisionIn recent years , with the development of science and technology ,80 percent of all homes in China have satellite TV , offering as many as 50 channels .It has caused a heated debate on (the impact of television on children ). Many parents are worried about the impact of so much television on children. The factors for (parents' worry is that children are indulge in television and spend too much time on it .) .First of all ,(with so many programs to choose from , children are not getting as much exercise as they should ).Then , there comes a case that ( some studies have show that excessive watching of television by millions of children has lowered their ability to achieve in school ). Moreover , ( the effect on children/'s minds are more serious than the effect on children/'s bodies ) . Especially when ( the children are too small to judge what programs are suit to them ) . Indeed, these unique points can be connected to remind parents that ( they should pay close attention to and responsibilities for supervising their children/'s TV viewing ).In this way ,children will not be influenced too deeply .模块(3)(I)说明原因型Currently, XX has been the order of the day .This does demonstrate the theory --- nothing is more valuable than XX . It is clear that (1). If you (2), as a result , your dreams will come true . On the contrary, if you (3). Failure will be following with you .It turns out that all your plan falls through . No one can deny another fact that (4) .You don't have to look very far to find out the truth , in respect that we all know (5). It will exert a profound influence upon (6).With reference to my standpoint ,I think (7).注释:1:XX的第一个优点2: 支持XX的做法3:不支持XX的做法4:XX的第二个优点5:举例证明优点二6:说明XX优点三的影响第三天我写的相应作文:The importance of self-confidenceCurrently, self-confidence has been the order of the day . This does demonstrate the theory --- nothing is more valuable than self-confidence.It is clear that (self-confidence means trust in one's abilities). If you (are full of self-confidence ,it will bring your creative power to play , arouse your enthusiasm for work, and help you overcome difficulties ), as a result , your dreams will come true .On the contrary, if you ( have no confidence in yourself, there is little possibility that you would ever achieve anything ). Failure will be following with you。

It turns out that all your 。

6. 英语作文万能句子

1、In view of such serious situation, environmental tools of transportation like ____ are more important than any time before.


2、From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that advantages of ____ far outweigh its disadvantages and it will still play essential roles in modern society.


3、This issue has caused wide public concern.


4、A large number of people tend to live under the illusion that . Obviously,they seem to fail to take into account the basic fact that


5、By taking a major-related part-job, students can not only improve their academic studies, but gain much experience, experience they will never be able to get from the textbooks.


7. 高中英语万能作文句子,作文模板


Recently, the problem of … has aroused people's concern. 最近,……问题已引起人们的关注.

The Internet has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. It has brought a lot of benefits but has created some serious problems as well.


Nowadays, (overpopulation) has become a problem we have to face.


It is commonly believed that … / It is a common belief that … 人们一般认为……

Many people insist that … 很多人坚持认为……

With the development of science and technology, more and more people believe that…