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1. 求初三英语作文的好句子,要翻译

分享我的分享 当前分享 返回分享首页?分享 不想让你作文停留在及格分的,就转走(免费) 来源: 克比努尔的日志 Many people insist that。

很多人坚持认为。With the development of science and technology, more and more people believe that。

随着科技的发展,越来越多的人认为。A lot of people seem to think that。

很多人似乎认为。引出不同观点:People's views on。

vary from person to person. Some hold that。 . However, others believe that。


..然而其他人却认为。People may have different opinions on。

人们对。可能会有不同的见解.Attitudes towards (drugs) vary from person to person.人们对待吸毒的态度因人而异.There are different opinions among people as to。

关于。. 人们的观点大不相同. Different people hold different attitudes toward (failure). 对(失败)人们的态度各不相同.结尾部分Taking all these factors into consideration, we naturally come to the conclusion that。

把所有这些因素加以考虑,我们自然会得出结论。Taking into account all these factors, we may reasonably come to the conclusion that。

考虑所有这些因素,我们可能会得出合理的结论。Hence/Therefore, we'd better come to the conclusion that。

因此,我们最好得出这样的结论。There is no doubt that (job-hopping) has its drawbacks as well as merits.毫无疑问,跳槽有优点也有缺点.All in all, we cannot live without。

But at the same time we must try to find out new ways to cope with the problems that would arise.总之,我们没有。是无法生活的.但同时,我们必须寻求新的解决办法来对付可能出现的新问题.提出建议:It is high time that we put an end to the (trend). 该是我们停止这一趋势的时候了.It is time to take the advice of 。

and to put special emphasis on the improvement of 。该是采纳。

的建议,并对。的进展给予特殊重视的时候了.There is no doubt that enough concern must be paid to the problem of 。


. If we want to do something。 , it is essential that。

显然,如果我们想做某事,很重要的是。Only in this way can we。

只有这样,我们才能。It must be realized that。

我们必须意识到。预示后果:Obviously, if we don't control the problem, the chances are that。

will lead us in danger.很明显,如果我们不能控制这一问题,很有可能我们会陷入危险.No doubt, unless we take effective measures, it is very likely that。毫无疑问,除非我们采取有效措施,很可能会。

It is urgent that immediate measures should be taken to stop the situation.很紧迫的是,应立即采取措施阻止这一事态的发展.论证部分From my point of view, it is more reasonable to support the first opinion rather than the second.在我看来,支持第一种观点比支持第二种观点更有道理.I cannot entirely agree with the idea that。 我无法完全同意这一观点。

.Personally, I am standing on the side of 。就个人而言,我站在。

的一边.I sincerely believe that。 我真诚地相信。

In my opinion, it is more advisable to do 。 than to do。


更明智. Finally, to speak frankly, there is also a more practical reason why。 坦诚地说,最后,还有一个较为实际的原因,_________。

给出原因:This phenomenon exists for a number of reasons. First, 。 Second, 。

Third, 。这一现象的存在是有许多原因的.首先, 。

第二, 。 第三, 。

Why did。 ? For one thing。

For another。. Perhaps the primary reason is。

为什么会。? 一个原因是。


.I quite agree with the statement that。 the reasons are chiefly as follows.我十分赞同这一论述,即。

其主要原因如下:列出解决办法:Here are some suggestions for handling。 这是如何处理某事的一些建议.The best way to solve the troubles is。

解决这些麻烦的最好办法是。People have figured out many ways to solve this problem. 人们已找出许多办法来解决这个问题.批判错误观点和做法:As far as something is concerned, 。

. 就某事而言,。It was obvious that。

很显然,。.It may be true that。

, but it doesn't mean that。 可能。

是对的,但这并不意味着。It is natural to believe that。

, but we shouldn't ignore that。 认为。

.是很自然的,但我们不应忽视。. There is no evidence to suggest that。

没有证据表明。作文中常用连接词的选择表示强调的连接词still, Indeed, apparently, oddly enough, of course, after all, significantly, interestingly, also, above all, surely, certainly, undoubtedly, in any case, anyway, above all, in fact, especially. Obviously, clearly.表示比较的连接词like, similarly, likewise, in the same way, in the same manner, equally.表示对比的连接词by contrast, on the contrary, while, whereas, on the other hand, unlike, instead, but, conversely, different from, however, nevertheless, otherwise, whereas, unlike, yet, in contrast.表示列举的连接词for example, for instance, such as, 。

2. 初三英语翻译句子

1她小时候非常害怕看恐怖片 She was afraid to watch terror films when she was a child. 2他看完电视剧后马上就睡觉了 After finishing the series he went to sleep immediately. 3他认为他的女儿做了一个好决定 He thought that his doughter had had a good choice. 4实践是学习一切本领的最佳途径 Practice is the best way to learn everything. 5起初,我发现学英语很难 At first, I find it very difficult to learn English. 6你算出这些数学题有困难吗?Do you have any difficulty in working out these mathematics problems? 7中国的人口是多少?What's the population of China? 8你在这个学校学了多长时间英语?How long have you studied English in this school? 9我以前是学校篮球队的成员,但现在不是了I used to be a member of the school basketball team, but I am not now. 10以后天气会越来越好 It will get better and better in the future. 11不应该允许16岁的孩子开车 It's forbidden to drive for a 16-year-old child. 12请把教室打扫干净,实在太脏了 Please clean the classroom, it is really dirty. 13我无发选择买那条牛仔裤,两条穿在我身上都很好看 I don't know which one to choose, both of the jeans look nice on me. 14每人每晚需要睡至少8小时 Each one has to sleep at least 8 hours at night. 15他们那个年龄不够稳重 They are not ripe at their age. 16他们都希望在一小时之内完成作业 They all hope to finish the homework within one hour. 17一般来说,我喜欢各种运动,尤其是踢足球 Generally speaking, I like all kinds of sports, especically football. 18周末你们应该轻松点,好好的休息一下 You should have a good rest at the weekend. 19这家公司会为我们提供午饭 This company provides lunch for us. 20我决定给他们写一封信 I decided to write a letter to them. 21我准备带她去看电影,以便使他高兴 I am ready to go to the cinema with her, in order to make her happy. 22这些词都很重要,请他们记下来 All the words are very important, please write them down. 23你知道是谁在校门口分发广告吗? Do you know who is handing out the advertisement at the gate of the school? 24昨天汪叔叔把他们的一些衣服捐给了慈善机构 Uncle Wang contributed some clothes to the charity yesterday. 25他上周得到了一条受到专门训练的一只狗 He got a spcial-trained dog last week. 26做班里的尖子生不容易 It is not easy to be at the top in the class. 27你能把垃圾拿出去扔吗?Would you throw the rubbish? 28那个年轻人有时开车出去兜风 That young man goes to catch the wind sometimes. 29请过来见见我的家人 Please come to meet my family. 30她的孩子已经去了澳大利亚,他们非常想念他们 Her children have went to Austrilia, they miss them much. 31至今为止,我们没有什么麻烦 I have no trouble so far. 32轮到你浇花园里的花木了 It's your turn to water the garden. 33每个人都盼望着未来有幸福生活 Everyone is looking forward a happy life in the future. 34至今为止,有多少旅客到过迪斯尼? How many tourists have been to Disney up to now? 35我们不能推迟制定计划 We cannot postpone making the plan.。

3. 初三英语 句子翻译

1、There is something wrong with my bike .

2、I was late for school yesterday.

3、It takes me half an hour to do homework every day.

4、The children are too young to see that movie.

5、Will you please call me as soon as you get/arrive home.

6、School is over . It is time for us to clean the classroom.

7、My father didn't come back untile twelve last night.

8、Daming, you'd better read English every day.

9、I didn't see my father until i got to the national theater.

10、I don't think he will go to England.

11、I will tell your uncle about it as soon as i got your e-mail.

12、Why not go there on foot ? It is quite near to the cinema.

4. 初三英语句子翻译


翻译:place where(in which) my uncle works


翻译:country with cold weatercountry whose weather is cold


翻译:restaurant which has delicious(tasty) food


翻译:Can you find the city where(in which) you live?


翻译:I hope I can go somewhere where has beautiful beach one day.

5. 一份初三英语句子翻译


The old would walk there ,rather than take a bus.


When you are difficult to make a decision,it will has effect.


What do you recall from this photo?


Orange can bring you the success,and comfort you when you are sad.

5. 老师经常建议我们尽可能多花些时间读英语。

The teacher often advises _us_to_spend_more_time_learning_English._____________________________________________ .

6. 任何一个需要体力或精神上力量的人应该穿红色的衣服。

__Anyone_who_need_the_physical_and_mental_strengh_____________________________________ should wear red clothes .

7. 他们经常用暖色来营造一种和谐感。

They often use warm colours _to_perform_a_harmonious_atmosphere__________________________________________ there.

8. 他很累因整个下午都在给他的朋友打电话。

He was tired because he _was_busy_calling_his_friend________________________________________all the afternoon

6. 初三英语翻译句子十句

52.what did he study the whole day last sunday

53.i will be used to the life in this city quikly

54.the police don't know how the truck lose control.

55.these machines are made in China,they are popular in the world

56.Jim was so tired last night that he didn't do well in the text.

57.I think country is much better than city

58.Two fifth of the workers in the factory are women

59.you can talk about how we can get on well with neighbor.

60.Nothing can stop the scientists to tell the truth.


7. 初三英语(翻译句子)

1.当飞机起飞的时候, 天正下着大雪。

It snows heavily when the plane set off.

2.他们起得很早, 以便能赶上第一班车。

They got up early so that they could catch up the first bus.

3.书籍将会仅仅在电脑,而不在纸上。Books will only show on computers, not in paper


There will be more trees and less pollution in the city in future .

5.我女儿正在写信时, 其他的孩子都在外面玩耍。

My daughter was writing a letter while the other children playing outside.

6.五年前Sally还在上大学。Sally was in college five years ago.

7.你认为十年后你的朋友会做什么职业?What do you think your friend will do after ten years?

8.学生在家里通过电脑学习。 The students will study at home on computers.

9. 对孩子们来说早起是好事。 It's good for children to get up early.

10. 他们今天下午能够住进这个房间。They will be allowed to live in the room this afternoon.

11. 我们爱上了这个美丽的城市。 We fall in love with the beautiful city.

12.没有人知道将来会发生什么事。 No one knows what will happen in the future.


I found it not easy to learn English well.

14.我头疼, 心烦意乱, 我不知道该怎么办。

I`ve got a headache.I`m very worried and I don`t know what to do.


When you borrow books from the library,you must return them on time.


He is getting on well with his classmates.


It seems that they can do it well.


8. 初三英语汉译英句子10个,谢谢

The girl who tolf me the news is not here right now.

The onw you want to see will come back soon.

He is the one whose handwriting is the best in our class.

The plane is a kind of machine which can fly.

There's nothing in this world that can fear you.

The first requirement he made was to let him go home.

This is the most beautiful city I have ever visited.

They began to talked about the people and things they could still remember in the school.

The playground on which we play basketball is very big.

The playground we built last year is very big.

9. 初三 英语 句子 翻译、、急哇

1, Weiming is how pro forma?2, he is making flashcards, vocabulary list, and a request to the teachers to teach to the pro forma.3, and you have an English-speaking foreigners to practice speaking English?4, read magazines and record pop songs in English is a better way to learn English.5, how to record notes in English?


10. 初三英语句子翻译

1-During the two weeks of camping, they had seen the changes that were happening to the area. 2- Extra sheets of paper would be given out to the students in need during the exam.3-The English of email is a new kind of written English that is used to save time. 4- I am looking forward to finding out more about the root of my family.5- The use of proper language is very imporant, but sometimes this alone is not enough.6- We need certain supplementary words to help make our language more refined. 7- I happened to meet our language teacher when I was strolling in the shopping mall.8- Students in Grade 3 are made to spend 3 hours everyday to do their homework.9- Sometimes, the art of receiving is even harder than the art of giving.10- It was reported that the tsunami had happened in the Indian Ocean。