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1. 求大神把下面的句子翻译成英语

we will bear a heavy burden of feeding children and supporting our parents in ten years.if we don't enlarge our fortune, how can we take care of them in the future? ladies and gentlemen, let's work hard for your wife and children, for your parents, and for yourself. come on, to gain a joyful family with单互厕就丿脚搽协敞茅 your ten years striving.。

2. 十年之后的我英语作文,后面带汉语翻译

My Life in Ten years

In ten years , I think that I will become a doctor, because I can help many people. And I want to go to Paris to live. I heard that it is very beautiful. I will live with my best friend in the apartment.At that time, the child will not need to go to school but they will study at home through the computer . In my family we will also have the robot, which might help us to do a lot of housework.In the future life we will not need the money, because everything could be free. I will feel very happy in the future life



3. 十年后的世界英语作文及翻译

After ten years of the world, believe that technology has been well developed, such asthe emergence of air purification machine, artificial heart, the world water in ten years,due to rapid population growth, the earth mother really does not have the ability to"nurture" so many "children". How to do? Then the earth government decided we part of human moved to the moon. This not only has the nationality and the "star Ji". Butyou don't have to worry about back and forth very troublesome, because at that timewe have invented the "rocket car", it has the speed of a rocket, the car's shape, in the universe there are special "road" let us pass, there is also a professional "cosmicrobot of traffic police". You see, Is it right? Very convenient ah! But there are alsoshortcomings, is the people living on the moon, only in the Mid Autumn Festival"enjoying the earth"! In addition, our agricultural production technology has greatly improved the. We will gene and structures of various kinds of fruit are analyzed and compared, and then successfully create a named "to cultivate a variety of fruit plants",referred to as "more fruit material". For example, you use the apple, mango, bananagene, the plant that cultivated only node mango, apple, banana, and the productionspeed is very fast, can be 5 minutes, its production is also very big. See here, you must be very surprised, 5 minutes is not mature, and what the production ofhormones? You may rest assured that our "duoguo objects" absolute pure natural.Ah! I forgot to tell you, because we are the "Duo Guo" by the broad masses of thesupport and welcome, here we don't sell fruit, but fruit gene! And vegetables and meatalso like them, selling vegetables and meat gene gene, there is also a seafood gene,is still being studied, not to believe that very soon out! There is one of the mostpowerful - our planet in a head to the other end of the earth to get through three tunnels, the first is to go, second, is a middle road, if the car accident of some kind,there can be a little more stop. The third is the back tunnel. The middle of the tunnelis much larger than the other two, also used for emergency passage. Here you must be surprised to see, not have the hot magma inside the earth? How do we get throughthe three tunnel? That's because we adopted the new technology -- the "nano fiberwith high temperature resistance". We extracted magma information, and then the improved success, easily get through three tunnels. Ten years after the world is colorful, as long as we study hard, more things will certainly be invented!十年后的世界,相信科技已经十分发达,比如说出现了空气净化机,人造心脏,水在十年后的世界,由于人口急速增长,地球母亲实在没有能力“养育”这么多的“孩子”了。








4. 十年后的我英语作文带翻译




Ten years on I am coming back to pick my way through the ruins and write about how my motherland is doing. Ten years from now, I'll have a whole new list of things I wish I knew in my 20's.In ten years, I'll look back at my childhood dairies and laugh.& my kids mightthink they're funny, too. I have always thought about showing my treasured postcards to my future familyand telling them the stories of those trips and experiences.

That is me in 10 years. The most should be grateful that you, my future love, I am sure you here, I do nothave to reach in a corner, in one, our eyes never meeting place.

5. 十年后的我 英语作文常用句子

1、常用与开头的短语、句式(1) with the (rapidly)growing popularity of (computers/private cars) in China,the quality of our lives has been considerably changed。

(2) With the (rapid)growth of (our economy/population),many problems such as (water shortages/waste of energy/lack of professionals and chaotic management)are beginng to surface(3) With the development of (science and technology/market economy),more and more/an increasing number of people come to realize that …(4) Currently there is a widespread/serious concern over (illegal publication/drug abuse/negative influence of western cultures).(5) Nowadays ,a heated debated/discussion about…is under way in China .some people believe that …,whereas others argue that…(6) There are some reasons for owning (private cars/ personal computers).To begin with,…Next,…Last,…There are,on the oher hand,many reasons against it,First,…Second,…Finally,…(7) There are many advantanges and disadvantages in(owning a car).(8) There are various /at least three ways/possible techniques/problems/methods to do something(9) Smoking/Alcoholic beverage should be banned from college campuses for toe reasons.The first reason is that …The second reason is that …/On the one hand ,… On the other hand,…(10) The possible solutions of (the enery crisis/water shortanges/these social problems)depend on three factors…(11) The tow major reasons responsible for(the rapid economic growth /the widespread of fake products )are…2.常用于结尾的短语、句式(1) It is hoped that we should place much emphasis on/pay more attention to 。

(2) To conclude,we can see that (the best way/the possible solution)is。

(3) In short,(shortages of water,decrease of fertile fields and environmental pollution)are the major problems to be solved to(increase rain production)。(4) In order to make our world a better palce in which to live we should make great efforts to。

(5) In a word ,there are three suggestions we must follow ,only in this way can we(achieve a great success)。(6) It is time for us to take an actie part in。

(7) Let us work hand in hand in hand to(solve these social problems)3.陈述或论证观点、看法(view,point,opinion)、原因(reason、cause)、方法、手段、措施、步骤。




There are many reasons why。

的原因如下;The reasons why 。

are as follows我的看法是。

My opinon is that(2)展开段落论证时常用的句式、词语:①、第一层次(首先)First,Firstly,In the first place,First of all ,To begin with,For one thing。我的第一理由是。

My first reason is that。


The main factor is that 。

②第二层次(其次)Second ,Secondly,In the Second plce,Next,Then,For another,另一种方法是。

Another means of 。

is to do。


the second solution is that。

③第三层次(第三点)Third,athirdly,besides,in adition,furthermore,what is more important(3)总结性段落常用句式、词语:最后一点 last,lastly,finally,in the last place ,last of all,in short,in brief简言之 in a word ,in summary,tosum up总之, in conclusion,on the whole,altogether,in all因此, so,thus,hence,therefor。Consequently,for thee reasons结果, in consequence,as a result由此可见。

it will be seen from it that如上所述,我们可以得出结论。

as has been said above,we can conclude/make a conclusion/draw a conclusion/reach a conclusion come to aconclusion that。

(4)将事物的正反、好坏两方面,或者将两种不同事物进行比较,对比时常用的句式、短语:然而 while ,whereas,but,however,nevertheless尽管如此 in spite of that,despite all this但在另一方面 but on the other hand与。

相比 in/by in comparison with。

/as compare with。

对比之下 by/in contrast与。

相反 as opposed to。

/instead of。

相反 on the contrary,instead他们的区别如下 The differences sre as follows;the differences can be described as followsA与B之间的不同在于。

the differences between A and B is /lies in/exests in/consists in。

;A is different from B in。

6. 十年之后英语作文,跪求



My Life in Ten years

In ten years , I think that I will become a doctor, because I can help many people. And I want to go to Paris to live. I heard that it is very beautiful. I will live with my best friend in the apartment.At that time, the child will not need to go to school but they will study at home through the computer . In my family we will also have the robot, which might help us to do a lot of housework.In the future life we will not need the money, because everything could be free. I will feel very happy in the future life.

7. 十年后英语作文,行的加上翻译


I will become more and more richer after ten years .Everything will change.For example: I will not go to schoool for study,I won't go out to work. Because I will become an egineer in computer.I will only stay at home to teach ourselves with computer.And I will go to work by my computer. No matter where I want to go, I will only have a thought.I will buy anything without anyone's help. I will buy all kinds of things by internet. I will let my robbet help me do some house work.I think our life will be more interesting and wonderful after ten years.


the life after 10 years i think is a fantestic, because i believe that i will have my own business or enterprise, i am gonna have a preaty wife and a healthy son or daughter. i think that is the most people's wish after 10 years. so i will working hard on my academic and be a useful manin the future.